Snapshot of Parliament and Lyon Stations - September 13, 2018

Entrance of Parliament Station at corner of O'Connor and Queen
The stairs heading down towards the underground concourse.
The Parliament Station mid entrance. This entrance will feature only elevators.
The entrance is on the opposite side. The elevators are positioned at both extremities, visible by the black tarps at both ends. The shorter section to the right appears to be a utility electrical room.
The integrated entrance inside the SunLife Financial Centre
Seen again from the opposite side.
Looking down Queen Street from O'Connor towards Metcalfe. This street section is currently closed to vehicle circulation.
The western half-section of Queen between O'Connor and Bank. Nearly done and almost ready to reopen.
Looking from the reverse angle.
The central shaft, located at corner of Queen and Kent. The gantry crane and deep shaft have now moved into history... the entrance now filled in and sealed.
Streetscaping on Queen between Kent and Lyon continues on the south side of the street.
The interlock stones are now being placed. The rest shouldn't be far off now.
The Lyon Station entrance in the Podium Building. The construction hoardings have been removed allowing better views inside and around.
Escalator and stairs towards the underground concourse.
The entrance kiosk building at Lyon and Queen. Construction hoardings are also down at this entrance.
Looking inside the entrance.
And the twin elevators down towards the concourse.
Overall, good progress is visible from our last update about 4 weeks ago.

In my own opinion, the section of streetscaping from Lyon to Kent should wrap up in the next two weeks based on the progress seen. The section from O'Connor to Metcalfe probably another month. You can see that the construction sites at Lyon Station are demobilizing little by little, with the construction zones shrinking to the immediate perimeters of the stations in several cases. The work at Parliament Station continues to progress but the impact on the surface is felt more than around Lyon Station for the time being.

The integrated entrance inside Place de Ville in the underground mall area is visually unchanged, the construction hoardings blocking the station entrance and surroundings remain in place at this time. For those interested, there is construction work happening inside Place de Ville by the twin escalators by the Albert Street entrance. The escalators are being replaced with newer models. A temporary stairway will be constructed in the near future in the closed off section. This is no doubt in anticipation of increased traffic from the Lyon Station and the old legacy single file escalators not being up to the task of carrying that capacity.

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