Snapshot of Parliament, Lyon and Tunney's Pasture Stations - August 9-10, 2018

Parliament Station 

A quick photo safari during lunch on August 9 and 10th. Here are the entrances of Parliament Station. The picture above is of the integrated entrance at 155 Queen (Heritage Building).
And the mid-entrance right across the street at O'Connor and Queen.

Lyon Station 

Next is the integrated entrance for Lyon Station, pictured here in the Podium Building of Place de Ville.
And the interior. Already a fan of the typeface on the overhead signage.
These next two are of the entrance kiosk of Lyon Station at the corner of Lyon and Queen.
And the opposite angle.
And looking up towards the Delta hotel. The glass awnings are an excellent touch to finish the look.

Tunney's Pasture Station 

Next Station... Tunney's Pasture
The main entrance from Scott Street.
Two of the elevators.
You can see the tail lights of two Alstom Citadis Spirit trains in the distance.
Still lots of work going on but lots of progress is being made.
Perhaps the best shot for last.

The system is really moving along. If you haven't been by the stations in a month or two, there has been big progress made. To me it's amazing how the actual stations look even better than the computer images. They are spectacular and massive. Plenty of natural light and windows everywhere. They look so inviting and it only makes the countdown till opening even more exciting.

Stay tuned to our Blog, more updates coming soon.

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