Snapshot of Tremblay, Cyrville and Blair Stations - August 12, 2018

Tremblay Station 

Alstom Citadis Sprit #1126 just outside of Tremblay Station
New Flyer D60LFr #6431 seen crossing over at Tremblay.
And now #1109 just a dozen metres away from #1126
Tremblay Station
The glass canopy to shelter the walkway to the Via Rail terminal.
And a shot from the opposite end to see the Tremblay Station platforms.

Cyrville Station 

Cyrville Station
Fare gates are already installed, as well as overhead directional signage.
The platform.
Despite being a centre platform station, the layout is quite impressive and spacious.
Looking in the direction of the tracks towards St. Laurent Station.
This is the opposite entrance across Cyrville Road.
Another view of the other entrance, showing passenger flow. One elevator and one set of stairs. The platform only starts underneath the Cyrville overpass.

Blair Station 

The soon to be iconic O-Train station marker, seen at Blair Station.
Bike parking and storage at Blair Station.
The station as seen from the bike parking area. Notice how the local bus platform has been modified by removing the old red structures and adding the now typical enclosed
The Blair Station platform. Seen from the existing pedestrian walkway.
Train #1102 seen parked at Blair Station.
The original pedestrian walkway, now re-purposed to serve as a pass through above the O-Train station.

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