Confederation Line

Alstom Citadis Spirit

The Alstom Citadis Spirit is a four-module light rail vehicle (LRV) built by Alstom. The LRVs were built at Alstom's plant in Hornell, New York, the bogies (wheel trucks) manufactured in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec with the final assembly taking place in Ottawa at the Belfast Yards Maintenance, Storage and Administration facility (also known as MSF). It is here that the LRVs are also stored and maintained when not in service. The MSF can be reached by a…

Overview of the Confederation Line

The Confederation Line, also known as Line 1 of the O-Train network, is planned to open in November 2018 and will run east to west in Ottawa.The Confederation Line will be the second line put into service on the O-Train network after the Trillium Line and replaces the bus rapid transit service known as the Transitway. Ottawa City Council approved the Confederation Line project and awarded the contract to the Rideau Transit Group consortium in December 2012.…

Belfast Yard

Belfast Yard is the maintenance and storage facility for the trains used on the Confederation Line. It is located just across from the Trainyards Shopping Plaza along Belfast Road, and can be accessed by tracks connecting to the Confederation Line in between Tremblay and St. Laurent Stations.

The Stations of the Confederation Line