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Lincoln Fields (2025)

Station Information provided by the City of Ottawa

Lincoln Fields Station is an existing Transitway Station that will be re-oriented and completely rebuilt to function as a new LRT station. The train platform will be located under Carling Avenue with a fare paid connection to the bus facility to allow passengers to transfer seamlessly without a requirement to pass through fare gates or revalidate their fare.

There will be a minimum of three fare-controlled entrances: a station entrance will be provided from Carling Avenue; an entrance will provide access from the west side of the Guideway at grade; and, an entrance will be provided at the bus loop. The existing bus terminal will be reconfigured to accommodate bus platforms and bus layby facilities only, and a new bus drivers' facility. The PPUDO spaces currently located within the operating area of the bus terminal will be relocated and segregated from the fare paid zone with access from Carling Avenue, shared with buses as currently configured. This major transfer station will be outfitted with public washrooms available to fare paid customers during LRT operation hours and will have provisions for a future retail space. A signalized pedestrian crossing will also be provided to facilitate improved station access across Carling Avenue.

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- ian on Monday, 25 February 2019 23:08

These are great! Thank you for adding the Stage 2 stations

These are great! Thank you for adding the Stage 2 stations
Monday, August 19, 2019