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  2. City to hold technical briefing on Stage 2 Light Rail. City staff will hold a technical briefing about the Stage 2 LRT project for members of Council and the media. Date: February 22, 2019 Time: 2 pm Location: Andrew Haydon Hall (Council Chambers), Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
  3. Oh ok. That makes more sense. 🙂
  4. Good Day. The YouTube video : Yah.... I see it..... the best I can say is - highly misleading ! Looks to me like thay are maybe referring to the shape of the snout acting to enhance the pressure wave effect. My reply - BS ! Maybe they meant to state or imply that there was an option of a plow available. If so, they should have animated / shown it. Still BS. In the remainder of the animation and video before and after, look at the substructure and clearances of body to top-of-rail. Plain bodywork - no plow structure visible. And I have not seen any plow structure in any of the videos of the Spirits posted - only what the animation and video you reference shows - plain bodywork. The T-Line Talents and Lints both had and have actual hard-structure plows. IIRC, the FLIRTs have a plow as an option - we will see what Jimmy bought. But all these are much heavier vehicles, with more power / inertia / momentum / brute force available to push snow. Still NoJoy!
  5. Oh ok. I was basing my knowledge of said plows at both ends from this link: This popped up today on Ottawa Citizen https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/egan-how-winter-ready-is-our-lrt-system-after-snow-plow-misha
  6. Good Day. Very few details on what happened, or how much (if any) running / testing they were doing. Even at the best of the reports, only a few trains. AFAIK, the Spirits have NO plow attachments at, near, or under the front of each LRV. It would seem they depend purely on the air pressure shock wave created by their passage - which would require frequent trains at high speed to be anywhere near effective at high snowfall rates - which it would be apparent RTG did not have. More, it would seem the snow clearance machine they do have has caused a problem, hitting and disabling at least two of the train locator sensor detectors between the rails at undisclosed locations. So, overall rating of performance in this most excellent of test situations - POOR to LOUSY ! NoJoy!
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  8. The article doesn't go into too much detail as to what happened. A train got stuck in the snow. But there is a limited number running simultaneously so the natural clearing of snow by passing trains is reduced. They also don't mention if the maintenance vehicles to clear the track were circulating either. Could be a case of the line not being operated at the needed level to achieve sufficient snow removal and clearing. Speaking of this, is there a snowplow integrated at the ends of the vehicle (similar to the LINTs on the Trillium line) or something mounted underneath the front to clear snow?
  9. So just to continue this topic, I read this earlier: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/snowfall-freezes-lrt-testing-1.5024683 I'm surprised to hear these trains are having so many issues in the cold and snow! I know these were custom built for us but weren't the parent versions battle tested all over North Europe? How did they deal with it?
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  11. The Montreal Metro’s average speed is 40km/h. Keep in mind though that it is rubber tire based so it is able to accelerate quicker and brake faster than steel wheel rail. For comparison, the Toronto Subway average speed is between 28-32km/h depending on the line. Top speeds will be higher than the average which takes into account stopping, accelerating and braking. The Ottawa system is no better or worse than the other major systems in general for speed.
  12. Maybe it's the higher number of stops. If you check the OC Transpo website schedule, it'll take 2 minutes between every station, except between Rideau and UOttawa, where it'll take 3 minutes.
  13. The Confederation line is apparently going to take 25 minutes to go 12.5 km from Tunney's to Blair. The Trillium line takes about 16 minutes to go 8km from Bayview to Greenboro. This is an average of 30 km/h. Seems awfully slow. hhhWhy?
  14. For anyone interested, Google Maps has just recently updated their satellite imagery to images taken in 2018. You can now see the full Confederation Line with all stations built as well as a few trains (such as 1122 at Tunney's and a couple near Belfast Yard). In the side menu on Google Maps you have to make sure "Globe" is turned off in order to see the new imagery.
  15. With modern automatic train control, trains stopping between stations should be kept to a minimum. If a train hasn't cleared the station, the following train can adjust speed to give it extra time, right down to a crawl if need be. Headways is the more important number to keep aware of. The system will be doing what it can to make sure trains arrive at each station at the correct headways.
  16. Hello, I have been wondering for a while now. I know in Montreal's Metro, they have a protocol or guideline that forces trains to wait to depart a station until the next station is clear (no train) to receive them. This is to avoid a train having to stop in a tunnel between stations because the station has a broken down train or whatnot. While their system is entirely underground, is there going to be a similar protocol on the Confederation Line. If there isn't there could be some occasions where people holding the doors, for example, could result in a train stopping mid-distance to wait for the station to clear.
  17. FYI, the next FEDCO meeting will be February 12th at 9:30am.
  18. There hasn't been any mention of changing signalling systems in the Stage 2 study documents. There's no real point in doing so yet because the line doesn't run trains at a high enough frequency for CBTC to be useful.
  19. Good Day. Just shy a hole-in-one. Last operational plans I saw was Lincoln Fields with 3 tracks and 2 platforms, interlaced. The shuttle would use the centre track. This is where I cannot really see South Keys with 3 platforms - as mentioned above, that would be a real pain for ease-of-transfer. Given the restricted space, IMO better is a center platform with tracks either side, and the shuttle pocket track just north, as planned. Yes, the (IMO extremely improbable) chance of an incident at South Keys, or the line switches for the spur 1.5 km south would interfere with the Mainline (Bayshore to Limebank), but any incidents there would likely be of or involve the Mainline anyway, so......same operational risks as Lincoln Fields. Just My Opinion.
  20. Probably because of mainly timing. Currently each stop has a 12 minute wait between trains. And assuming that doesn't change in any way (higher or lower) then below the split we'd have to wait 24 minutes between trains (or something different if say only one every 3 trains goes to the airport). I think the current plan is to have the airport spur still have that 12 minute frequency to match up with the main line, and time it so that trains get to the station together (since the airport is the end, and depending on how long it takes to get to the airport from south keys, you can have the spur train idle there for a couple minutes longer than main line ones to allow transfers more easily). Edit: to add, i believe they're thinking like this because of how they plan to do the split on the C-line after a certain time of day. When they'll be haviong a 15 minute frequency there won't be interlining, but rather a transfer for one end of the line, to keep at minimum a 15 minute frequency at all times (or at least not having the train system go down to 30 minutes per train below the split). I also believe that Lincoln fields is going to be having 3 platforms because of this.
  21. Previously it was mentioned that trains would run between Bayview and Limebank to make up the main line. A spur line would operate between South Keys and the Airport. Why not operate it like it will be on the Confederation Line from Lincoln Fields onward. Where one train continues to Moodie and another continues to Baseline, alternating. The same could theoretically be done on the Trillium. With one continuing past Siuth Keys to Linebank and the other to the Airport. Even every third train to Airport as it won’t require high frequency. Of course Airport station platform length would play into this and then this solution would affect train length and capacity for the airport train when it would hit the main line. Hooefully a more extensive solution to the main line from the airport will be developed. Eager to see what they come up with.
  22. Does anyone know if Trillium line Stage 2 will continue to use the CROR/Indusi combo for signalling or if they'll move to CBTC like the Confederation Line?
  23. I was in Munich last summer and their S-Bahn line S1 to the Airport works that way. Two short trains couple at Neufahrn and continue the rest of the way downtown. I remember wondering why there was such a long wait at Neufahrn and then later I noticed the train was longer than when I boarded. They have 7 lines sharing one tunnel downtown. It made waiting for the train you wanted quite long despite trains arriving very frequently.
  24. I wonder how transferring to or from the airport will work in practice. Hopefully it's convenient enough. I wonder how through-trains would work too. The line isn't going to have the capacity to run extra trains on the mainline that then branch off to the airport and the platforms on the airport spur are too short for the longer FLIRTs (of course that may have changed too). I guess this is why geoOttawa hasn't been updated with the Limebank extension either? Actually, wild idea: Since they're apparently going to use coupled LINTs, what if the two LINTs decouple at South Keys with one unit heading to Limebank and the other to the Airport? And then once the single LINT unit returns from Limebank it recouples with one of the units that went to the Airport and the coupled train proceeds on to Bayview? In practice it's probably a horrible idea, but funny to think about!
  25. Welcome to the site Todd. Very interesting details. It would make more sense that they allow the Airport Spur shuttle to continue to Bayview to connect to the main Confederation Line. Happy to see that they are at least open or allowing the possibility of making it technically possible, whether it operates like that or not. That said, with the configuration of the tracks and necessity of passing tracks to maintain operations, adding a LINT train to pass through from the airport to Bayview could complicate and affect schedules and capacity on the main Trillium line. And unless something has changed, the airport spur needs to use the LINTs due to the platform length. Good news in any case though, I like the idea of three platforms better than two and the pocket track. Would be more efficient and easier flow for passengers.
  26. I'm a big fan of the 'overheards' - always good nuggets of info discovered that way! haha Unfortunately there isn't a lot of printed documentation available yet. I had a conference call with the team from the rail office where I got to go over a few of the technical details with them. During the contract bidding phase they haven't been updating the public facing information as frequently as they're giving the bidders some flexibility in the layout and design of the line to see if any creative options the city hadn't thought of come forward. So that being said, while the isolated spur with a three platform South Keys is the current plan it could change yet again. My biggest beef with the current South Keys designs is that the bus bays will be outside the fare paid zone, while they are inside the zone at Greenboro. With the two stations being so close together, they really should be run the same way for passengers. Hopefully that gets cleaned up a little in the detailed design phase. Hopefully.
  27. Good Day to you, and welcome ! Interesting info..... do you have any document links, or is it only what you have picked up in 'overheards' (not that that is a bad thing - lots comes up that way !). Thx.
  28. Very late to the conversation, but better late than never! South Keys - the GeoOttawa data isn't entirely up-to-date. The plan is for a three platform station with the spur now operating completely independently of the main line so that operational issues on one won't cross over to the other. GeoOttawa hasn't been updated because the exact details on how to design that are being left up to contract bidders - but the ability to run through trains to the airport at some point is apparently a requirement. Hopefully with the new council now getting rolling we will see some major movement on the Stage 2 contracts soon and then really get a sense of how this will work. Glad to have found the site!
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