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  2. Long-stop date coming soon: This is from Global News. Posted on 15 May 2019 (Other outlets have also reported the same thing) The entire article can be found here: https://globalnews.ca/news/5279022/independent-certifier-says-lrt-isnt-substantially-complete-city-of-ottawa-memo/ "Project’s ‘long-stop’ date falls next week News of the independent certifier’s decision comes a week and a half before the project’s “long-stop” date, which — according to the project agreement — falls “365 days after the required revenue service availability date” (or the original handover date). The train was first scheduled to be delivered to the City of Ottawa on May 24, 2018, a deadline that was pushed to Nov. 2 and delayed once again to March 31, 2019. The consortium missed the March target date as well. If RTG doesn’t achieve revenue service availability by the “long-stop” date, the consortium will be in default of the project agreement and the city will have the right to terminate it, according to the document. There was no word of an LRT launch date during Friday’s update. Manconi said that RTG continues to tell the city it will deliver the train by the end of June. RTG has several hurdles left to pass before it hands over the LRT, including a trial run, during which the train has to simulate “flawless” service for 12 straight days." I don't think the city will terminate the contract, but
  3. Toronto streetcar uses Bombardier Flexity OUTLOOK wich is the Tram variant of the Flexity FREEDOM. I don't understand why people compare Citadis Spirit trains with Bombardier Flexity Freedom trains. Citadis trains are longer with bigger modules, they use 1500V DC (witch is a mainline train power supply) instead of 750V DC and they are faster. If we need to compare Citadis Spirit trains it would be with Edmonton/Calgary Siemens vehicules the only difference being that one is low floor and the others high floor. Our network is technicaly a ''Light Metro'' system since we use LRT like vehicules, comparable to Rotterdam Metro, Frankfurt U-Bahn or Edmonton LRT
  4. I too prefer Metro over LRT or Light Rail. Technically, as the vehicles on the Confederation Line are typically looked at in the same class as the Bombardier Flexity, which as we know are used as Streetcars in Toronto, one could easily see them as being the same thing in Ottawa. I guess it really boils down to not just the vehicles but the line itself and how it is setup and operated. In Toronto, the TTC Streetcars are operating right on the busy streets, and contend with every traffic light, intersection, cars and more. It is similar to bus service on city streets, but with a heavier and higher capacity vehicle, that tends to ride much smoother. In Ottawa, the Confederation Line O-Train uses similar type of vehicles in many ways, however it operates on a dedicated and segregated right of way, independent of surface traffic and circulation. It also runs at significantly higher speeds than the TTC Streetcars could ever operate. The stations are massive and handle very high levels of passengers, often to crush levels. In comparing to Montreal's Metro, the vehicles are both narrower than the TTC Subway, but handle extremely high passenger numbers, travel between stations and have dedicated guideways. What I suppose I am trying to say is it doesn't matter the vehicle, and it doesn't matter the name, how it is operated and designed as a system is what it really comes down to. Our system is a high capacity rapid transit cross-city service. To me that's a metro, more so than those light rail lines you see overseas. Plus in comparing Montreal Metro to Toronto Subway, the metro has more style, and better looks, than the boxy stainless steel riveted subway cars.
  5. All these nuances are explained in the Wikipedia article I initially mentioned.
  6. And that's why a lot of people have been saying LIGHT metro. Meaning that's it's a metro like system, but uses light rail tech.
  7. This was uploaded earlier on the Kitchissippi ward website. Prep work will start on the tunnel alignment for Stage 2! http://kitchissippiward.ca/content/lrt-stage-2-prep-work-start-next-week-between-cleary-and-dominion
  8. Personally, my definition of metro vs LRT vs Light Metro is really based on the type of vehicle, as metro generally implies heavy rail vehicle. I still think the Confederation Line counts as a LRT since it is not heavy rail vehicles, but a lot closer to metro than a tramway or basic LRT system, like Waterloo.
  9. Both Calgary and Edmonton have at grade crossings through their systems (and Calgary is even on street, though on a transit mall, through downtown), Ottawa's is entirely grade separated. And there have been a lot of people already calling it a light metro instead of just simply LRT>
  10. Let's not take ourselves too seriously on this one... Looking for articles written about the O-Train for other audiences, I stumbled upon one of those gems, well research and well written, from The Daily Hive, something you read when you live in Vancouver. The article qualify the O-Train as a Metro, something I had not seen before. Here it is : https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/confederation-line-ottawa-timelapse-video It appears that the difference between Light Rail and Metro has very little to do with the size of the cars nor the length of the trains. Wikipedia : "The International Association of Public Transport (L'Union Internationale des Transports Publics, or UITP) defines metro systems as urban passenger transport systems, "operated on their own right of way and segregated from general road and pedestrian traffic". The article is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_metro_systems I am sure there could be other definitions, but the organization that is mentioned in the article seems to have authority on the matter. The list includes as metros the Toronto Subway, the Montréal Métro, and the Vancouver SkyTrain, but doesn't include Calgary's and Edmonton's Light Rail Systems. We will have to see if the O-Train makes the cut once it opens, but by definition, it should.
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  12. Very interesting article from Jon Willing of the Ottawa Citizen (Dated May 13th, 2019): Here is what caught my attention: (these are excerpts from the article) "The city didn’t say by the end of the afternoon Monday if an independent certifier agrees with the Rideau Transit Group that the $2.1-billion Confederation Line is “substantially complete.” The city’s transportation general manager, John Manconi, said last Friday that, in the city’s eyes, the LRT system wasn’t finished, even though RTG submitted paperwork suggesting the company reached substantial completion. He said the certifier was to make a decision by 4 p.m. Monday." ... "When the project is deemed substantially complete, it essentially means there’s nothing in the way of the city using the system." ... "Almost a year late, RTG would really want a declaration of a substantially complete project so it can finally get closer to recouping $261 million in construction payments from the city. The payments are linked to milestones: $59 million for substantial completion and $202 million for revenue service availability. "The city and RTG are approaching the “long-stop” date in the contract, which says if the completion date is 365 days after the original revenue service availability date, RTG is in default of the agreement and the city has the right to terminate it." Nothing major will happen if the handover date is beyond the May 24th "long stop date", I doubt the city would terminate the contract. However, passing that date would be an embarrassment for the contractor, to say the least. You can read the full article here: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/city-reviewing-independent-certifiers-decision-on-lrt-completion
  13. True, but I don't imagine any further work has been done since then, though I hope I am wrong and they have done something to prevent those drains from dropping water/ice on the station platforms. Blair was finished after all last summer, at least that is what the Mayor said in video published in July 2018 saying it was the "first complete station".
  14. I just realized it says on the web page that Blair's virtual tour was captured in March...
  15. It is an eye sore... Since the station has received its occupancy permit, it must have been looked at and deemed perfectly safe. This virtual tour images seems to date back a month or so given the state of the ground where we can still see some snow. Let's hope they did some cosmetic work since, because it just clashes with the rest. The old Transitway structures that are being kept should be refreshed... it's been there for over thirty years under punishing Canadian weather. The bus platform at Saint-Laurent Station is a good example. Don't throw it away, but repaint it so it can last a few years more. There will come a time when it will be necessary to rebuild: this train will still be there in 100 years.
  16. I see that there is a new 360 degree tour posted to the OCTranspo site http://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/designed-with-you-in-mind/my-station/ Is it just me or does the old overpass that goes though the Blair station look to be in rather poor shape? There are a huge number of cracks in the underside of that old overpass, they look to have been sealed so not likely an issue but it certainly doesn't look very nice in a brand new station. I also see drains in the bottom of the overpass that just dump water into the station, one of them has icicles hanging from it, and they appear to be over train platform areas, I guess we will have to keep our eyes open for falling ice in the winter time when inside the station. Why wouldn't they have put in down spouts to carry the water away ?
  17. At this point, as we know the 12 days of starting hasn't started yet, I still believe either mid or late July. I don't believe RTG can get the 12 days on the first try (putting us already around the end of May), and given the scepticism on the vehicles being ready, I don't believe the auditor and the city will accept the current "significant completion milestone". Sure the train not "fully operational" is not a security deficiency, but it means the line currently cannot operate reliably at the service standard. Handover will be done before June 30, not too afraid of that, but we ain't riding in June. 😢
  18. On a side note, as it relates to the forums, the Gallery will now auto-post photos when submitted. There will no longer be the step for approval before they appear.
  19. I would think opening around mid-July. I see it being possible if all the stars align for it to open before July 1st, but if it was me, and the opening could occur just days before July 1st, I would decide to wait even a few days after July 1st. While the line could definitely help on Canada Day, I would prefer seeing it remain in mint condition rather than the crowds and scuffing it may receive that day. Lets hope there is some news on Monday as to what decision was reached. Typically a memo is sent to council and then shared with the media for these types of things. If so, I will be sure to share it on the site as soon as the email goes out to media and I receive it.
  20. Mid-late August. I'm assuming substantial completion is denied next week, so I'm guessing a late July handover.
  21. So now with FEDCO meeting out of the way anyone want to revise their guess, I am still still staying with mid July to mid August.
  22. Biggest updates from FEDCO i heard today: *All 13 stations have occupancy permits *RTG has submitted substantial completion. City is not in agreement. It is up to an independent certifier to approve or deny *Once Substantial competition is achieved, 12 day trial runs begin. Once that is done the safety auditor signs off as the final step Minor notes: *The city says the main item preventing substantial completion is several small issues with the trains. Some paper work is also needed. *Derailment last week was due to switch error. Switches in the yard are still manual; human error caused the derailment
  23. Oh man, I missed that one. Make it 72 variations!
  24. First of all, WOW I LOVE THIS NEW WEBSITE. Responsive design that scales properly, everything is layed-out in a sensible manner and actually looks modern. Glad to see there is more of the "5/6 O" (as in the sliced O or whatever it is called), as it looks more modern than most transit agencies website (other than the beta site for the TTC). As for the train names, glad to see Trainy McTrainface will never die, but here's some of my favourites. Moose on the Run (I mean, a moose charging is quite impressive.) Double-Double (Especially appropriate for double trains.) MoreLettersPlz (Outstanding move.) Sir Chugs a Lot (Sounds so much like a drinking thing, which is why I like it.) Pacemaker (not only an homage to a Canadian invention, but also a great reference to speed and consistency) Each Province (I could see that printed on a train) Late McLateface (Too OC Transpo for the train.) Maverick (Especially if it was paired with a Goose / Canada Goose, IT WOULD BE AMAZING) ur mom (Ahhh those kids.) Andy Tramberg (Not from Canada, but the Canadian reference in Brooklyn Nine Nine are quite something.) Jeff (Gotta appreciate the motivation) [DELETED] (Given some of the things that made it to the list, I kinda wish we saw them, because they kept some really doubtful innuendos) Shania Train (Obvious, but gold. Although she's from Windsor.)
  25. The new OC Transpo website includes a page that features all of the submissions for the train naming contest: http://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/resources/name-the-train-contest-entries/ There were 71 variations of "Trainy McTrainface" submitted, for those who are curious.
  26. Thanks for your reply. I never stop learning on this Forum. It's great!
  27. Just a reminder that the FEDCO meeting (and Confederation Line update) will take place tomorrow morning at 9:30am. The usual lineup of information will be shared on the site as it becomes available, sometime following the meeting's conclusion. The link will be on the site's frontpage.
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