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  2. 7923-7930 at one point were equipped with propane engines in 1984 as a test until they were retrofitted with the regular 6V71N engines a few years later after the test was completed. When new, 7801 came with a flipdot digital destination sign but was later taken off in the 1980s. There was also one particular incident where the driver accidentally clicked the "call police" button. As a result, the bus was displaying "EMERGENCY-CALL POLICE" on the destination sign and police had to chase the bus. 7926 was the only single stream rear door fishbowl to make it into 2007. It later retired in March, just a month before the last of the 80-82xx fishbowls were retired. 9301-9330 had some differences from the MCI Classics such as Sutrak A/C, a few extra poles at the rear of the bus for people to hold on to, turning signals above the headlights, yellow hand railings, extra rear exit sign at the rear, black driver side mirrors, and rear doors that were slightly extended (not enough to immediately notice). 9201 was the only D40 to keep its advertisement wrap presumably until it got repainted in 2002-2003. A few other D40s had custom paint jobs for advertisements such as Chez 106 but they were no longer on the buses as of 1995-1997. The 1998 Orion Vs used to get entire advertisement wraps from 1998-2004. Starting in 2004, they were switched to complete rear wraps for Chez 106 and the full wraps were being phased out. These were also the only high floor buses to get wraps at all from 2006-2010. The 1998 Orion Vs, 90xx D40s, Ikaruses, and 1991 MCI Classics were the only buses (that I know of) to be equipped with bike racks at some point in the early 2000s. The Orion Vs stopped getting bike racks as of 2006, while the D40s stopped in 2004. 8401-8416 had tilt windows, while 8417-8425 had sliding windows along with 8951-8960.
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  4. I have been informed that the new Line 2 platform at Bayview won’t open as early as we were thinking it would (with the resumption of service to Bayview in August). While it was discussed at the Transit Commission meeting recently that it would open earlier than Confederation, the plans have seemingly changed. The most likely scenario would be for it to open with the Confederation Line, although there is a chance it could open a week early. (But it seems like that would be the earliest it would). As we have discussed and speculated here on the forums in the past, the challenges related to segregating the Line 2 zone from the rest of the station for safety and security seems to be one of the reasons. We have to remember that the upper level is currently in testing with Line 1, so keeping it secure is paramount. In the end, I was wondering how they were going to limit the publicly accessible areas of the station to pull this off...
  5. The new signals near Greenboro have been brought online. Two trains were out testing them this afternoon between Brookfield and Greenboro. One train was slowly crawling towards Greenboro under Walkley and the new north-facing signal was showing Green over Red. Looking good!
  6. 9901 was delivered in 1998? I always thought it was in 1999 for some reason. That means the first Orion VI came while the 9801-9885 batch of Orion Vs were still being delivered. Yesterday, I found a really old CPTDB post from 2003 mentioning how this bus had received the blue seats during its first year of operation. This bus also originally had a different seating arrangement in general (I'm assuming that the arrangement resembled the Orion Vs but with three sideways-facing seats at the front on either side, maybe at the rear as well), until it was quickly changed to that of the other VIs. The seating arrangement revision also took place very early into 9901's lifespan.
  7. More facts: The Fishbowls got a final refurbishment between 2001-2003 to keep them going for a few years before retiring a few years later. The D40s were repainted in between 2002-2003 with the exception of 9011 which was repainted way back in August 2000. The 90xx D40s started being equipped with Luminator signs sometime in November 2000 and the first bus was 9007, followed by 9004 and 9011. The NovaBus Classics and 1997-1998 Orion Vs were the only high floor buses to come equipped with yellow poles inside the bus to help with accessibility. 9256-9258 were the three oddball 1992 Orion Vs because they also came with yellow poles, presumably as a test. The Fishbowls originally did not kneel to the ground, along with everything from the 1984 Classics up to the 6V92TA/HTB-748 Orion Vs and 1992 D40s until they got retrofitted sometime in the mid 1990s. The NovaBus Classics were the first to be equipped with this feature from day one. The 76xx-82xx Fishbowls got retrofitted with power steering sometime in the 1990s which brought them in line with the newest buses such as the Orion Vs, Classics, and D40s at the time. 4001 was the only 1998 Orion VI in the 4001-4140 order. 4001 was also originally numbered 9901 on delivery but quickly renumbered to 4001 because the computer would not accept the number "0" as a valid first digit. 4100-4140 would have been 0000-0040. The numbering system prior to 1998 was not really a good way to identify model years of buses because they were so full of exceptions. Here's a list of all exceptions to the fleet number system: For example, the 90xx D40s were 1989s. The first 11 89xx Classics were actually 1988s. The majority of the 9101-9125 Classics were actually 1990s except for 9123-9125. 9126 was the only 1990 Orion V in the 9126-9150 batch. 8101-8122 were actually 1982 Fishbowls and were delivered in tandem with 8231-8240. 9701-9720 were actually 1998 Orion Vs. 8001-8012 were actually 1981 Fishbowls. The 57xx Fishbowls were just 1975s with the first two fleet numbers reversed due to being over 100 buses in one order. 6001-6037 were actually 2000 D60LFs and not 2001s. And as mentioned above, 4001 was a 1998 and not a 1999 Orion VI. Specced exactly the same as the other VIs.
  8. I had seen a double train stopped going east just before Bayview on Sunday but it looked like a few guys were about 20 ft ahead of it inspecting something on the side of the track.
  9. The FAQ has some answers on that, although the Stage 2 team never gave any specific frequencies.
  10. Wasn't sure where to post these questions. This seems like a good spot: Has the City ever mentioned what kind of frequency can be achieved with he 72 trains once Stage 2 (S2) is in operation? How many of those trains will be in operation at once (S2 rush-hour) and how many are "spares"? Will the S2 trains, a few already built and all will be ready well before any of the S2 Line 1 legs open, be used in regular rotation during the S1 operations or will they be parked until testing begins on S2 East in 2022-23? Will we be able to increase S1 service (frequency) using some of the S2 units or are we stuck with 15 doubles until 2024? Thank you!
  11. The fishbowls were getting outdated and it was harder to keep parts going to fix them so they were retired. They would have gotten retired sometime in the late 1990s-early 2000s but they were kept for longer due to budget cuts during the 1993-1998 period.
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  13. Just a light that didn't turn on. The corresponding door opened and closed normally. I was out by uOttawa and Hurdman today and the trains were running every 3 minutes, but after a little while trains got held up. A train at Hurdman was stopped for about 10 minutes (presumably because of an issue elsewhere on the line) and then after that there was a string of about 3 trains headed eastbound basically right behind each other. They've got the 15 trains out, but there are obviously a handful of hiccups left to fix.
  14. Seems like they are leveling the land at the south-east corner of the Montreal Road - 174 interchange. I wonder if it will be the staging area for construction of the new combined overpass/station.
  15. Seems like the Fishbowls were very reliable throughout their lifetimes. Were they not replaced only in an effort to move to a fully accessible bus service?
  16. Like a burnt light-bulb, or something more technical? Keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any major issues. Best case would have been an opening date before Labour Day, but seems that's no longer feasible. At the very least, I hope they launch Line 1 on a Saturday. The three week parallel bus service should be enough to keep the new service from being overwhelmed.
  17. 4683-4775 will likely have padded seats. The current Nova order has barely padded seats and OC Transpo apparently ordered them like that by mistake. They assumed that they would be padded because the seats came with drain holes. 4601-4682 will not be retrofitted with the padded seats until either rebuild or replacing individual seats when worn out. I think it's the first time OC Transpo screwed up an order, although it's a relatively minor screw up. (Credit goes to Enviro_1203 from CPTDB for giving this info)
  18. Time for more facts! Not a lot of people know this, but all the 81xx-82xx fishbowls managed to stay intact into March 2006 and it was then when they started being pulled from service until the final one retired in April 2007. 9312 had an 1989 MCI Classic rear end (presumably did not come like that). If you looked closely, you could see five lights at the rear instead of the usual three lights typical of Nova Classics at OC Transpo. 9322 may have been retrofitted with Sutrak A/C as a test (was reported in a CPTDB post in 2003) after having it removed in 1996. The 1984 Classics were unreliable (especially the rear doors not functioning) and were retired in 2004-2005 even before any of the later 1981-1982 fishbowls got touched. The 1985s also had the same issue and were pulled from 2005-2007 as a result of the same issue. The 1987s were improved and they stayed around until 2008 as a result. It was originally planned that the 1987s were to be retired by the end of 2007 but they got an extra year (permanently out of service except for 8792 by Novemer 2008 and having retirement work done in January 2009). In 8792's case, it was an extra two years, being taekn out of regular service and relegated to garage bus shuttle duty in late October 2009 and actually retired in December. 9201 was originally a Luminator test bus before getting retrofitted with Balios signs as another test (and later keeping them). It was reported that OC Transpo was looking into retrofitting all the 1989-1991 Classics with Luminator signs (info comes from 2003 CPTDB post) but decided not to for some reason.
  19. The Trillium Line (Line 2) will be closed as of Monday for summer maintenance for about a week. Following this, service will resume but only between Greenboro and Carling. The section between Carling and Bayview will remain closed for several weeks as preparation work takes place for the 417 Highway overpass replacement, which passes over the tracks. It would be very reasonable to assume based on the Transit Commission meeting that they will take this time to remove the temporary stop at Bayview and ready everything for the service to resume at the new Bayview Station line 2 platform in August. As such, if anyone passes by and sees progress to this end being made, please share it here. Most notably, if the wood paneling that marks the end of the line at Bayview is removed to allow passage through to the new station, we can definitely accept that as confirmation that the new platform will enter service as soon as the train returns to Bayview in late August. Ripping up the old temporary platform as well would be another sign 😛
  20. The Mayor tweeted today that 15 coupled LRVs are now running on the Confederation Line. The picture was taken at Cyrville Station, looking westbound towards St-Laurent Station.
  21. I agree with what @occheetos said above. There will no doubt be lots of minor deficiencies like he mentioned, but nothing that won't be corrected in the coming months and over time. These are items that are not critical to actually operate the line. The intention now is to get what is required completed so that the line can be opened to passengers. With the news that they will be filing for Substantial Completion in the coming days and should it be accepted, it would mean that there are no longer any issues or problems that would stand in the way of opening the line. Naturally at that point the 12 day test should confirm that and also bring with it a realistic reliability assessment from how well everything works during the final major test. 32 days to go before RSA if all goes well.
  22. This morning I saw a train at Hurdman where one of the lights above the doors didn't light up. Hardly a serious issue and not something that could stop substantial completion, but still counts towards those items (I would think). There are plenty of small touchups to be done across the system too, even bigger things like the art installation at Tunney's isn't quite done yet. If they can reliably run 15 trains at once, then what is there left to prove? What would hold it back from actually being substantially complete? Substantial completion also needs to go through the independent certifier who could block it if they believe something is incomplete, so we'll find out whether that happens next week.
  23. So, deep deep down I want this to be true, I hope RTG is able to complete the 12 days of testing before the 16th of August. However I listened to the Fedco Meeting, and this is purely my speculation I have no inside source or knowledge however I don't think they will be ready. Just by the sound of their voices it felt like they are now just pushing for completion for the sake of telling the public that they completed. I don't understand how they can say they have 100's of items left to be completed however they believe the system has met the substantial completion. I know RTG will get all 15 double units out some time this weekend/upcoming week. however how does that equal meeting substantial completion. I know they need to go through another full 12 days of testing with out major issue but I feel like just getting 15 double units out is not enough to qualify that it has been thoroughly proven the system can handle it. I have a feeling we will see another delay before the 16th. However my train geek side of me says that it will get pushed through regardless and I will be sitting on this thing like a nerd some time mid September.
  24. As many are surely aware, yesterday's FEDCO meeting brought the news that RTG expects to achieve RSA on August 16th. They will be submitting substantial completion notice within the next 10 days and the city and the independent certifier expect to agree with the assessment. Following this the 12 day test period will begin, along with the final steps to achieve handover to the city. Passengers should expect to ride the rails in September, around the middle of the month. An official date will be announced approximately 4 weeks before opening, so around mid August or shortly after. We should start seeing 15 coupled LRVs operating in the coming week for more testing in anticipation of the 12 day test phase to start.
  25. I had noticed extensive testing of singles and doubles from my view of Pimisi station. They were even testing on Canada Day!
  26. A news story by Joanne Chianello on CBC News was posted: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/finishing-lrt-sunday-achievable-1.5199690
  27. Saw two coupled LRVs departing from Bayview around 1pm in both directions. Too far to get a picture (being honest I didn’t really try) or to see the fleet numbers (being honest again I was too far to see). Still good to see after the CBC News this morning. Was only around for 2 minutes and they were the only trains to go by so good odds so far 🙂 Edit: here’s a photo taken from the Delta downtown. Still seeing only coupled LRVs.
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