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    • Great info. Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll add it to the Stage 2 FAQ on the site. 
    • Took a little while, but here are the answers I received on January 17.    1. On the Alstom Citadis trains currently running on Line 1, information screens (displaying the current time, next station, final destination) were only installed over the gangways on one side therefore, if a passenger sits on a seat facing the other side, or stands the other way, they are unable to see that information. Will the Stage 2 trains have display screens on both sides of each module?  The same display screen configuration will be on the additional vehicles for the fleet servicing the future Confederation Line extensions. The new Stadler fleet servicing the future Trillium Line will have bi-directional signage.   2. Will ALL structures of Trillium Stage 2 (overpasses and underpasses) be built to one day accommodate double tracking? For example, the Elwood Diamond grade separated section will have a single track however, will the pillars be wide enough to eventually accommodate a second track?  Will the Carling underpass be widened to accommodate double tracking?  The new stations and structures being constructed as part of the Trillium Line South Extension have been designed in such a way as to allow for the future conversion of the extension to twin-track electric LRT and to accommodate the planned future widening of both the Airport Parkway and Lester Road. With specific regard to the Ellwood Diamond grade separation, the project scope mandates that space be created to allow for a second track in the future, whether at-grade or on another elevated structure. At this time and as part of the Trillium extension scope, the Carling underpass will not be widened. The locations of double tracking have been optimized in such a way to minimize the need to widen the rock cut on the existing Trillium Line. 3. As it stands, the 18 month shut-down of the Trillium Line will be very inconvenient for the nearly 20,000 daily riders. Once Stage 2 opens, the ridership will increase significantly. Can the City guarantee that the work going into the Line as part of Stage 2 be enough to guarantee it will NEVER again be shut down for upgrades (future electrification, double tracking and other)? We cannot guarantee that there won’t be another extended shutdown of the Line 2 for future works as this is outside the scope of the Stage 2 project.   4. It has been established that the new Civic Hospital will not be getting its own station, which makes a lot of sense considering the short distance to Carling Station however, would it be possible to one day place the station under Carling in order to have entrances on both sides of the road to better serve both the high-density north side and Dow's Lake and Civic on the south side? I'm not necessarily suggesting we do tat now, but possibly when we decide to double track the entire Line.  Along the existing segment of the Trillium Line, the project consortium will be responsible for the design and construction of two new stations, the lengthening of existing platforms to accommodate longer trains, and the addition of select sections of double tracking, though single track will remain in place at Carling Station. There are no current plans to expand or modify Carling Station further.
    • This new information is actually quite worrying... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/snc-lavalin-technical-evaluation-1.5438697 https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1884616 The fact that TransitNext/SNC somehow managed to win the bid despite not even meeting the 70% requirement and missing several key points from the bid (snow clearing strategies, train control system, etc.) is highly questionable. Yes, they had the lowest financial score, but is that really the most important criteria? Obviously, everyone would like the project to be as inexpensive as possible, but not to the point that we receive in return a train system that doesn't work. Considering that there were 2 other bids that reached near 85% on the technical score, it's not like as if it was there wasn't any better bid either. It's probably too late to do anything about it by now, but... it's not looking good.   
    • The City of Ottawa has just released a memo on the Stage 2 Project procurement evaluations and three related appendices. You can view them here: https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-o-train-light-rail-transit-stage-2-technical-evaluations
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