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    • 7923-7930 at one point were equipped with propane engines in 1984 as a test until they were retrofitted with the regular 6V71N engines a few years later after the test was completed. When new, 7801 came with a flipdot digital destination sign but was later taken off in the 1980s. There was also one particular incident where the driver accidentally clicked the "call police" button. As a result, the bus was displaying "EMERGENCY-CALL POLICE" on the destination sign and police had to chase the bus. 7926 was the only single stream rear door fishbowl to make it into 2007. It later retired in March, just a month before the last of the 80-82xx fishbowls were retired. 9301-9330 had some differences from the MCI Classics such as Sutrak A/C, a few extra poles at the rear of the bus for people to hold on to, turning signals above the headlights, yellow hand railings, extra rear exit sign at the rear, black driver side mirrors, and rear doors that were slightly extended (not enough to immediately notice). 9201 was the only D40 to keep its advertisement wrap presumably until it got repainted in 2002-2003. A few other D40s had custom paint jobs for advertisements such as Chez 106 but they were no longer on the buses as of 1995-1997. The 1998 Orion Vs used to get entire advertisement wraps from 1998-2004. Starting in 2004, they were switched to complete rear wraps for Chez 106 and the full wraps were being phased out. These were also the only high floor buses to get wraps at all from 2006-2010. The 1998 Orion Vs, 90xx D40s, Ikaruses, and 1991 MCI Classics were the only buses (that I know of) to be equipped with bike racks at some point in the early 2000s. The Orion Vs stopped getting bike racks as of 2006, while the D40s stopped in 2004. 8401-8416 had tilt windows, while 8417-8425 had sliding windows along with 8951-8960.  
    • I have been informed that the new Line 2 platform at Bayview won’t open as early as we were thinking it would (with the resumption of service to Bayview in August). While it was discussed at the Transit Commission meeting recently that it would open earlier than Confederation, the plans have seemingly changed.  The most likely scenario would be for it to open with the Confederation Line, although there is a chance it could open a week early. (But it seems like that would be the earliest it would). As we have discussed and speculated here on the forums in the past, the challenges related to segregating the Line 2 zone from the rest of the station for safety and security seems to be one of the reasons. We have to remember that the upper level is currently in testing with Line 1, so keeping it secure is paramount. In the end, I was wondering how they were going to limit the publicly accessible areas of the station to pull this off...
    • The new signals near Greenboro have been brought online. Two trains were out testing them this afternoon between Brookfield and Greenboro. One train was slowly crawling towards Greenboro under Walkley and the new north-facing signal was showing Green over Red. Looking good!
    • 9901 was delivered in 1998? I always thought it was in 1999 for some reason. That means the first Orion VI came while the 9801-9885 batch of Orion Vs were still being delivered. Yesterday, I found a really old CPTDB post from 2003 mentioning how this bus had received the blue seats during its first year of operation. This bus also originally had a different seating arrangement in general (I'm assuming that the arrangement resembled the Orion Vs but with three sideways-facing seats at the front on either side, maybe at the rear as well), until it was quickly changed to that of the other VIs. The seating arrangement revision also took place very early into 9901's lifespan.
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