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The Stations

Discussions on the stations, from unique features, to what's new or changed and more.

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    • Will you be doing an update video shoot of all the stations on Line 2? I've seen the Blog photo's but will you be doing update video shoot of both Line 1 & 2?
    • Very interesting. The Transit Recovery plan calls for the "Standby R1 Buses" to be reinstated, to help with surge demand or Line 1 service interruptions, to mitigate crowds or people gathering too closely.
    • I think I can make it to wakley station by bike, maybe I'll take a few pictures this weekend  Cheers and feel free to upload pictures on the website 🍻  We got tarp!
    • Great pictures. Thank you very much for sharing. I still find it impressive at how quickly track has been removed. It sure does look odd seeing just the rail ties on the ground without the rail. While the already existing stations on the line will all see upgrades and expansion to accommodate the longer FLIRT trains, the real action will be seen at Gladstone and Walkley, where stations did not previously exist. Great to see they are taking no time to get started now that the line is closed (already a little over a month now).
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