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    • 8408, 8413 and 8417 were retired in 2005. With all buses from 1984 (8401-8425) replaced at the same time as the last remaining buses from 1976 and 1977, I am looking to see which ones were retired in 2004.  8542, 8544, 8554 and 8555 were retired in 2005 and 2006 (not sure which year for any of those four). 8765-8768, 8770-8772, 8774, 8776-8777, 8780, 8782, 8784, 8789, 8794-8795 and 8797 were retired 2004-2007 (not sure which year for any one of them).
    • With replacement of any buses that entered service before 1989, all GM buses from 1979 were quickly retired (20 in 2004 and 9 in 2005); leaving 7926 as the only remaining from from that year in 2006 and 2007. As far as I know, 7802 and 7831 were retired in 2002 or some time earlier, while 7819 and 7838 were last used in 2003.
    • Not news perse, However I recently noticed the once branded R1 Novas are now being used in regular service.  I rode 4695 (R1 Decals removed) on the 88 Bells Corners this evening .
    • OC Transpo will require all passengers and employees to wear face masks starting June 15th  https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-s-transit-service-making-face-masks-mandatory-for-staff-and-passengers-1.4958933
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