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  1. Finally Google has added flyover imagery including Line 1! This thing is absolutely beautiful and while the wait sucks it will all be worth it!
  2. Our video on the Expansion of Rapid Transit in Ottawa with a focus on Stage 2: https://youtu.be/DsBIokuEoMM
  3. I wonder if we will see screen doors down the road. Not necessarily full height.
  4. One bridge is in fare paid on is outside of fare paid. Are you planning on adding the stage 2 stuff to stations etc? Amazing to see the speed with which this is happening.
  5. The new Toronto Streetcars even have sandboxes and oh my they use them heavily
  6. This stuff is important, while I am optimistic we will be able to stop the worst on climate change, inevitably we will face more extreme weather patterns.
  7. Sad to see nobody responded here but, I will still post this: Some sliding thermal expansion points on Line 1.
  8. Since the Transitway is getting replaced I thought it was good to do a flyover to remember what a great system we built!
  9. One thing that comes to my mind is how all the services are gonna be arranged if there is a super long Barrhaven branch and no branch to Kanata.
  10. Made a flyover video for Line 2 (Trillium Line): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQMOlo8mamQ
  11. Do we have any images of these new buses? I for one am a big fan of the new trains, I think the design is a lot nicer than the lints.
  12. It would be fantastic if Ottawa had a national railway museum (closer to the city centre because Expo and Halton are not) that could contain old rapid transit cars from numerous systems.
  13. All the same as Shane haha Lionel Groulx blew my mind the first time I was in MOntreal because its massive
  14. Comes into effect tomorrow actually, though Lakeshore West currently has some construction that may limit frequency for a while. Service every 15 minutes will be from the beginning of the morning peak to the end of the afternoon peak and will be the first for a main GO line. This was one big part of the RER promises at least for the Lakeshore East Line. Some things we still look forward to are electrification (big big big deal) and more improved stations with eventual level platforms. Indeed this is a lot of capacity (though some trains can be as short as 8 cars and even shorter on other lines) Heres a video overview of the routing
  15. Yeah I always thought the names mostly made sense.
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