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  1. I spotted 1103 around Hurdman on February 14th (just found the note I made of it).
  2. If you mean the glowing white box, that's a standard feature at all stations. It's where they display the name of the station, but I don't think they've finalized how they'll do that yet. I think the public art installation at uOttawa is all the portraits on the walls of the tunnel underneath the station.
  3. For anyone interested, Google Maps has just recently updated their satellite imagery to images taken in 2018. You can now see the full Confederation Line with all stations built as well as a few trains (such as 1122 at Tunney's and a couple near Belfast Yard). In the side menu on Google Maps you have to make sure "Globe" is turned off in order to see the new imagery.
  4. There hasn't been any mention of changing signalling systems in the Stage 2 study documents. There's no real point in doing so yet because the line doesn't run trains at a high enough frequency for CBTC to be useful.
  5. I wonder how transferring to or from the airport will work in practice. Hopefully it's convenient enough. I wonder how through-trains would work too. The line isn't going to have the capacity to run extra trains on the mainline that then branch off to the airport and the platforms on the airport spur are too short for the longer FLIRTs (of course that may have changed too). I guess this is why geoOttawa hasn't been updated with the Limebank extension either? Actually, wild idea: Since they're apparently going to use coupled LINTs, what if the two LINTs decouple at South Keys with one unit heading to Limebank and the other to the Airport? And then once the single LINT unit returns from Limebank it recouples with one of the units that went to the Airport and the coupled train proceeds on to Bayview? In practice it's probably a horrible idea, but funny to think about!
  6. The Talents were put back up for auction recently. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=97&acctid=6620 As of now the highest bid is $2800.
  7. Stadler has unveiled the "FLIRT Akku" which is a battery powered version of the FLIRT. It has a top speed of 140km/h and a range of 80km. It can charge via overhead electrification (in parts of routes that are electrified), via a dedicated power supply at terminal stations (kind of like how the Nova Bus LFSe works I guess?) and through regenerative braking. https://www.stadlerrail.com/en/meta/news-media/article/stadler-unleashes-flirt/ This seems like it would be perfect for use on the Trillium Line.
  8. It also probably depends on the condition of the rails and the type of rails that are used in the yard. I remember reading that the main/only reason CN tore up the rails on the Beachburg Subdivision a few years ago was because it was welded and could be re-purposed elsewhere. I have no idea what kind of rail they use in the yard though.
  9. The Ellwood diamond (just south of Mooney's Bay) is used frequently by VIA trains. It's operated on a "first come first serve" basis, so which ever train gets there first will get a clear signal. Every once in a while a Trillium Line train will be held up to wait for a VIA train to cross (it's happened while I was on board twice now). The Walkley diamond (south of Walkley and north of Greenboro) is used infrequently by freight. Usually when the O-Train has pulled into Greenboro the freight train will crawl across. I've seen it a couple of times recently. None of the corridors would be very beneficial to any LRT plan (other than Doucet's regional rail plan) so I can't see anything happening there. It would be cool if the city tried to pilot something more or less exactly like the original O-Train pilot between Kanata, through Bell's Corners and more or less parallel to where the Baseline BRT will be to see if it would be an effective replacement for BRT, but I can't see that happening. I can't see CN removing most of the tracks that will be left. They might dismantle whatever's left of Walkley Yard, but everything else is kind of worthless. The tracks leading out to Arnprior actually belong to Nylene Canada (the company that the track serves) and the corridor is owned by the city, but I doubt either will bother with removal.
  10. Yes, that would be the case although a short line operator might pop up. That's mostly it. There just isn't enough freight business in the area for CN to justify spending capital to upgrade deteriorating infrastructure to continue serving the area (the freight-only tracks are in pretty bad shape). It won't affect Trillium Line operations in any way. Apparently the NRC receives most deliveries by truck nowadays anyway, but they could probably always just run one-off freight deliveries when they need to..
  11. While this forum generally doesn't discuss freight (since there's so little) this is a somewhat important bit of news: CN has updated their 3-year plan and will potentially abandon all of their freight lines in the Ottawa area. This includes the track out to Arnprior, Walkley Yard, and a line branching off of the Alexandria subdivision up to Hawkesbury. This would likely mean the end of freight trains in the Ottawa area (with the exception of QGRY in the east end of Gatineau). https://pub-ucpr.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=88
  12. IIRC both have sandboxes. In the past I have seen piles of sand on the Trillium Line rails at either Carleton or Bayview(?). I think I also remember reading that the Spirits would also have sandboxes, but I can't remember where.
  13. The South-East transitway would be from South Keys to Hurdman, not just from Heron. From the functional design report it looks like there will be a pedestrian overpass, although it showed that Queensview was originally supposed to be an island platform. Hopefully they kept the overpass in the final design..
  14. Today in a talk on Transit at Carleton, Doucet said that (if elected) he would bring his regional rail system into downtown instead of just having it stop at Bayview. I don't know if he said how, just that he would.
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