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  1. If I'm not mistaken this has been a regulation for a long time now. I can't think of a single instance where this has been enforced though.
  2. A number of them were rebuilt, but they're done rebuilding them now. What we have is what we've got, and of course they've started taking some of them off the road as the Novabuses are delivered and enter service. I think the ones that have been retired are because of unrepeatable damage, or "unplanned" retirements in other words. I was kind of shocked at how quiet the Novabuses are in comparison. It's kind of annoying that the plastic covers on the back door bars fell off. it makes it a lot harder to operate them. Plus, the doors are reaaaally slow.
  3. Oh man, I missed that one. Make it 72 variations!
  4. The new OC Transpo website includes a page that features all of the submissions for the train naming contest: http://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/resources/name-the-train-contest-entries/ There were 71 variations of "Trainy McTrainface" submitted, for those who are curious.
  5. CN will be "visiting" Ottawa next June 30 - July 5 as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations. https://www.cn100.ca/en/cities/ottawa/ Interesting considering their recent interest in leaving Ottawa?
  6. Not sure where else to put this, but the coaches from the Wakefield Steam Train have been scrapped. https://www.facebook.com/LostOttawa/posts/2249492811816597
  7. For some reason, it hasn't been posted on the cofed line website, but this update was sent out last Thursday for the week of the 22nd: Train Testing Significant progress continues to be made and crews are now starting to focus on the operational running of the Confederation Line as well as testing and commissioning. All 34 trains have completed the DPICO tests and the remaining tests will focus on Operational Scenario testing where the teams will simulate running a scheduled train service. There is ongoing testing of coupled trains on the alignment. Commissioning of communications systems at the Transit Operation Control Centre (TOCC) is ongoing OCTranspo is now testing the launching of trains on the guideway, similar to the activities that what will occur in revenue service. OC Transpo’s Electric Rail Operator training is ongoing. Weekend operations are now a regular occurrence as part of the simulated operational testing.
  8. I guess it kind of counts, but the work on expanding the Belfast storage shed is complete. They have most of their trains stored in the extension now. If you look closely in these photos you can also see what I believe are LRVs 35 and 36, nearing the completion of their assembly (note the missing roof panels).
  9. I noticed that "The Mountie" has a French translation on the name plate that isn't listed on the contest website.
  10. 1119 is Bluenose (was paired with 1105) Trains are currently dispersed pretty randomly. Some trains are less than a minute apart in one direction but 7-10 in the other.
  11. I like that it maintains the red with white stripe identity of the Trillium Line trains (borrowed from DB, of course 😉) but also gives the maple leaf more prominence compared to the simple white maple leaf they integrated with the white stripe on the LINTs. I personally hope they go with it, or at least something similar. I'm almost certain they'll swap out the OC symbol on the front for the City of Ottawa logo though!
  12. Finally! Here's the image that went with the release: Unlike in the previous renders, it includes the power pack.
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