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  1. The data's all here! https://github.com/dellisd/OTrainMap/blob/stack/data/stage3barrhaven.json But in order to display the several options for the alignment by West Hunt Club requires some extra work that I just haven't had the time to get around to finishing... Soon though.
  2. More or less, yes. You can see the entire planned alignment on the system map: https://map.otrainfans.ca/
  3. Any important part of it will be double tracked as they lay new track in the south. Any over/underpass will be built to accommodate double track south of South Keys station. The only single track section is between the crossover switch by South Keys station and Leitrim, but since the overpass over Hunt Club will be doubled (or rather, a second one will be built) the only thing to do to complete the full doubling is add a new switch before the Airport spur curves off and continue the track south to join the second track that starts at Leitrim. Bayview through Gladstone will also be doubled, and the Airport spur will have a surprisingly long passing section, though it won't need doubling for a very, very long time if at all.
  4. Although the ridership certainly isn't there today to justify the expense of a tunneled line under Bank Street, in the future if/when the central line is built I don't think it would make the Trillium Line entirely obsolete. (Ideally) The Trillium line would still be the main link to Gatineau for anyone from the south, like you mention Carleton will still be a big factor, if the new hospital is built that will also be not, and Carling/Gladstone will be the site of some fairly high density developments. Yes, a central line would replace the Trillium Line's use for getting to the CBD but that's also why it won't be built until it's absolutely necessary. Getting people into the CBD will always be the priority and if there ridership gets to a point where feeding everyone from the south to either Hurdman or Bayview becomes too much, then we shouldn't be too worried about what happens to the Trillium line when we develop a solution to the problem since it will probably be just fine on its own.
  5. I drew this diagram a couple of years ago (before I learned how to make use of proper mapping tools..) Essentially this line would run parallel (or share?) the Trillium Line corridor South of Walkley and eventually cross over using a grade-separated structure to replace the Trillium Line on the airport spur. I drew another (incomplete) one showing the general network as well as how this yellow line could be continued past the downtown to basically be used as another line down the Montreal Rd corridor. Anyway, I have more thoughts about this topic but I just wanted to share these two images. I'll be back when I have more time!
  6. Another look, this time at the full system! My digitization of what was on the display boards can be found here if anyone wants to play around with the data. They'll be similar in hue to the colours used on the display boards (and in my screenshot above), but slightly different tones to better match the aesthetic ?
  7. A sneak peek at the Barrhaven Alignment alternatives data that will be available on the system map soon... (colours not final). Some of these were quite difficult to digitize off of those display boards.
  8. When people say that our system is poorly designed because it has a "single point of failure" compared to other cities with multiple lines, I don't think they realize that any issue on any one of those cities' other lines inconveniences just as many people as an issue on our single line. e.g. Montreal's Green line cannot accommodate every person who gets stuck because the Orange line is down between Lionel-Groulx and Berri-UQAM.
  9. The Jack Pine by Tom Thomson (happened to pass through Rideau today, though I didn't take a picture).
  10. It's interesting that very few vehicles appear to have been completed in 2017.
  11. If any of you happen to be able to spot the builder's plate at either end of each train, would you be able to record the train number and year engraved on the plate? The CPTDB wiki is lacking accurate info (and it may be useful to include on this site too!)
  12. I'm pretty disappointed they didn't stick with the original concept. Keeping the Confederation Line and Trillium Line visually distinct (but "similar") would have been.. neat? I don't get why they're sticking with the "swoosh" or "wave". That was present on almost all OC Transpo material (pamphlets, maps, signs) for a couple of decades but then the system has undergone a major rebranding over the last few years to feature the O more. I'd get it if it were just the Confederation Line trains since they were ordered before the rebranding took place, but then they slapped it (and the O) onto the new Novabuses which I still think is a mess, and now on the even newer trains? Why? I liked the original concept because it kept the DB-based paint scheme and carried on the "heritage" of the Trillium Line but made it even more Canadian by adding the more prominent maple leaf at the front. The best of both worlds. I'm sure it would have been modified to feature the City of Ottawa logo instead of "OC" and maybe added the O-Train logo but still. This new version just looks bland... and like I said above, the swoosh is outdated now. I feel like I remember seeing somewhere that white trains are easier to maintain which seems counter-intuitive, but what do I know.
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