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  1. Good Day. Ahem..... Check in on that with any aircraft spotter forum - These measures now are a huge relaxation from what hit them after 9-11. They were totally banned and kicked out from any areas around the airports, let alone at the end-of-runway spots. Many had to get certification and demonstrate security measures and protocols, including IDentification and clearances, in order to be allowed back in any way-shape-form. It was, and remains to this day, a matter of SECURITY. And it is about to get worse again for them given the stupidity of some rogue drone operators. So, hold the feeling of officious excesses down a notch. It applies to subways and LRT RoW as well. I think they are actually doing a good job of balancing, for the most part (as always, with rare exceptions). EnJoy!
  2. Good Day. Originally the City did have only one track going into Bayview for the T-Line for Phase 2. I believe it was enlarged at TransitNext's suggestion for some future-proofing. I do not recall the reference, but I read as a minor comment in a larger text that the T-Line east-side platform and track are not to be regular service, but only impromptu storage, and in service only if the primary west-side platform is out of service or blocked by an out of service train. IE: essentially Bayview T-Line remains a one-track one-platform station. Hence the drawings and preliminary discussions and plans that we have seen. ! <sheesh> ! Not Good.
  3. Good Day. FYI. Per the duscussion on Hybrids and their efficiency - a Montreal Gazette article on their recent Hybrids being not so good : https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/fuel-savings-of-stms-hybrid-buses-less-than-half-what-was-promised-documents-show "Fuel savings of STM's Hybrid buses less than half what was promised, documents show" - June 10, 2019 - Jason Magder . EnJoy!
  4. Good Day. Question - any backgrounder or insider info for hoping the vending machines will be turned on ? It would definitely be a good thing ! Thanks !
  5. Good Day. To be reasonable (to the bus, not to OC-T), and as has been noted before, the Hybrids were properly tested on local, high stop-and-start local routes only. Key - only. When OC-T purchased them and put them into service, they mis-used and abused them in running them as standard inter-route fleet resource, including cross-greenbelt high-speed no-stops routes. BIG wrong. Thus their efficiency and savings went up the proverbial exhaust pipe, literally, since they were specifically NOT designed for efficiency at long-distances at high-speeds. Result - self-fulfilling prophesy of disaster and -dismay- at the poor performance. Even given that they were first or second generation, they still had the potential for good results if properly used. They never were. <sigh>
  6. Good Day. Yes, we heard rumours about overhead heaters..... we will have to wait and see what we have - that was a detail left entirely up to RTG. As for the air blow on arrival / departure - all train systems have more of a blow to them. But, that being said, I always hated St.Laurent station in winter - the exacerbation of the wind tunnel effect already present by the arrival of buses was always a bloody howl. Even the outdoor stations like Tunney's were better than that. As for Montreal, not always exactly. It is far more moderate now, but in the early days of only the MR-63 trains, it was warm in winter (a pain with heavy winter clothing) and HOT in summer. The fault was the overestimation of air exchange and air flow by the engineers in the early 60's. The MR-63 had rheostatic power control of the traction motors, which generates a lot of heat, and friction-only brakes, which generate even more heat. the very first photos of the trains show smooth rooflines with circular fan grills. The heat was so bad that they had to limit operations (trains per hour) until they came up with a make-do 'fix', not a solution. Photos of the trains six months later show rooftop hoods over the fan grills to optimize airflow pull-through from the car interiors, with beefed-up fans. This situation continued until the MR-73's came online starting in '76 , and the MR-63's could be spaced out more, thus reducing the heat load. And the 73's were kept on the Orange and Green lines exclusively - never on the Yellow line which used 63's exclusively (lower trains per hour, longer no-acceleration-no-braking runs, cooler tunnel under the River). With the retirement of the 63's, there is much less of a heat problem, but they still have to keep an eye on the temperature. Another part of the fix was the decision to not have A/C, as that would onlt exacerbate the overall heat problem, and not help.
  7. Good Day. As for the McDonald's, this location has indeed been problematic for years, not just lately, and has long needed some form of action or attention. The problem has been, what kind, and there has never been a fully adequate answer, and this is not a full answer either. As for performers - remember that Ottawa is the City that killed fun. I do not expect that to change, even though it should. <snort> And for an outage with bus replacement..... as Manconi told Council and FEDCO ....... - IT WILL BE MESSY -. And that is totally true. Toronto, Montreal, any other system you care to name.... they have emergency response plans and action plans, but again as Manconi indicated, no system has a full bus fleet on standby for the rare just-in-case, even if it is a matter of - when and not if -. It will be a situation of make do as best we can with what we have. Period. EnJoy!
  8. Good Day. Elsewhere (I cannot reall offhand) it was noted that City replied to this point with the statement that Stadler had only presented a concept livery for their presentation and announcement. It did not reflect the eventual end-product, although the concept would be taken note of in deciding the final result. We Shall See.
  9. Good Day, and welcome. RTG is mandated, as per the long-term maintenance contract (with it's long-term maint subcontractor), to keep all components clear and running to a certain minimum standard. This was to encourage the P3 consortium to use the highest possible components and elements in construction to keep maint costs down - self-interest. That being said, we all know what Ottawa winters, with their slush, ice, sand, salt, gravel, and overall nastiness, do to infrastructure such as escalators - a disaster waiting to happen at all times. Pessimists predict constant outages of escalators. Elevators should - should - fare better, as they to not suffer the same type of wear-and-tear. And, the elevator towers are fairly enclosed. But they too will suffer. We hope they do better than OC-T's track record on elevators. It is what the redundancy of elevators is supposed to cover, two per side, per station. Overall......we shall all have to wait-and-see how well it does. Pessimists are not hopeful, given (as you note) how open the infrastructure is. Good luck to us all. EnJoy!
  10. Good Day. A news article from CTV Feb.28 on the new developments in Riverside South included some info in the T-Line extension beyond Bowsville-EarlArmstrong into Riverside South.https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/2-000-new-...outh-1.4317273 The first graphic, which is the leader for a video, is a map of the area, including the planned (and future) T-Line route, including all the way across, == and stations == both proposed / planned, and future. It is at an angle, and slightly fuzzy on blow-up, but discernable. EnJoy!
  11. Known, and well known. But - the City is not a rail operator - CR is. That it is a wholly-owned 'subsidiary' is not relevant. Same principle to Ottawa Hydro.
  12. Good Day. The YouTube video : Yah.... I see it..... the best I can say is - highly misleading ! Looks to me like thay are maybe referring to the shape of the snout acting to enhance the pressure wave effect. My reply - BS ! Maybe they meant to state or imply that there was an option of a plow available. If so, they should have animated / shown it. Still BS. In the remainder of the animation and video before and after, look at the substructure and clearances of body to top-of-rail. Plain bodywork - no plow structure visible. And I have not seen any plow structure in any of the videos of the Spirits posted - only what the animation and video you reference shows - plain bodywork. The T-Line Talents and Lints both had and have actual hard-structure plows. IIRC, the FLIRTs have a plow as an option - we will see what Jimmy bought. But all these are much heavier vehicles, with more power / inertia / momentum / brute force available to push snow. Still NoJoy!
  13. Good Day. Very few details on what happened, or how much (if any) running / testing they were doing. Even at the best of the reports, only a few trains. AFAIK, the Spirits have NO plow attachments at, near, or under the front of each LRV. It would seem they depend purely on the air pressure shock wave created by their passage - which would require frequent trains at high speed to be anywhere near effective at high snowfall rates - which it would be apparent RTG did not have. More, it would seem the snow clearance machine they do have has caused a problem, hitting and disabling at least two of the train locator sensor detectors between the rails at undisclosed locations. So, overall rating of performance in this most excellent of test situations - POOR to LOUSY ! NoJoy!
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