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  1. Good Day. The YouTube video : Yah.... I see it..... the best I can say is - highly misleading ! Looks to me like thay are maybe referring to the shape of the snout acting to enhance the pressure wave effect. My reply - BS ! Maybe they meant to state or imply that there was an option of a plow available. If so, they should have animated / shown it. Still BS. In the remainder of the animation and video before and after, look at the substructure and clearances of body to top-of-rail. Plain bodywork - no plow structure visible. And I have not seen any plow structure in any of the videos of the Spirits posted - only what the animation and video you reference shows - plain bodywork. The T-Line Talents and Lints both had and have actual hard-structure plows. IIRC, the FLIRTs have a plow as an option - we will see what Jimmy bought. But all these are much heavier vehicles, with more power / inertia / momentum / brute force available to push snow. Still NoJoy!
  2. Good Day. Very few details on what happened, or how much (if any) running / testing they were doing. Even at the best of the reports, only a few trains. AFAIK, the Spirits have NO plow attachments at, near, or under the front of each LRV. It would seem they depend purely on the air pressure shock wave created by their passage - which would require frequent trains at high speed to be anywhere near effective at high snowfall rates - which it would be apparent RTG did not have. More, it would seem the snow clearance machine they do have has caused a problem, hitting and disabling at least two of the train locator sensor detectors between the rails at undisclosed locations. So, overall rating of performance in this most excellent of test situations - POOR to LOUSY ! NoJoy!
  3. Good Day. Just shy a hole-in-one. Last operational plans I saw was Lincoln Fields with 3 tracks and 2 platforms, interlaced. The shuttle would use the centre track. This is where I cannot really see South Keys with 3 platforms - as mentioned above, that would be a real pain for ease-of-transfer. Given the restricted space, IMO better is a center platform with tracks either side, and the shuttle pocket track just north, as planned. Yes, the (IMO extremely improbable) chance of an incident at South Keys, or the line switches for the spur 1.5 km south would interfere with the Mainline (Bayshore to Limebank), but any incidents there would likely be of or involve the Mainline anyway, so......same operational risks as Lincoln Fields. Just My Opinion.
  4. Good Day to you, and welcome ! Interesting info..... do you have any document links, or is it only what you have picked up in 'overheards' (not that that is a bad thing - lots comes up that way !). Thx.
  5. Good Day. (2018-12-13......16 hours to go, bid at $10,100.00 EDIT 2018-12-14 : Closed 13:32:51 .... final seems to be $25,200.00 , with HST $3439.80 and Premium $1,260.00 .... Total = $29,899.80 Lots of sniping between 2 bidders in the last 10 minutes with 24 bids; they swapped 62 bids in the last 25 hours. So....... are the Talents gone this time ? We Shall See !
  6. Good Day. 2 photos of uOttawa station from Mathieu Fleury Twitter feed : EnJoy!
  7. Good Day. See my post on 2018 October 20 in the - Adapting with the Climate - thread. several posts and pics discussing this, from the FEDCO updates in early 2018. @ corynv ... yes, absolutely correct. And yes, switches especially HAVE to be kept clear, and so are and will be maintained by heaters, and actual physical maintenance as necessary (picks, shovels, and hot flamers). You can see the effect the heaters have had on a switch in one of the pics. EnJoy!
  8. Good Day. Ah...Hem....Ah...Hem.....Ah......believe it when we see it !!! EnJoy!
  9. Good Day. Ref: show-clearance machine - FEDCO-2018-06-05_EN_FINAL.pdf , pdf pg. 34 , internal pg. 33 . Ref: snowy track east guideway - FEDCO-2018-03-06_EN_FINAL.pdf , pg. 28 (switch in the mid-distance). Ref: snowy track at an outdoor open station - FEDCO-2018-03-06_EN_FINAL.pdf , pg. 3 . EnJoy!
  10. Good Day. Depends on purposing and positioning for sale or complete abandonment....Is it worth their while to rip up / recover iron, or leave it in place for sale, or.... I can see Capital Railways purchasing some segments for themselves or on behalf of the City, for themselves and/or for O-Train ops. It would certainly help clean up regulatory requirements for maintaining freight access operations - as in !! no longer required !! , and in obtaining pure ownership and operations for the diamond (or the elimination thereof) and of all of or a portion of Walkley Yard. It opens up options and possibilities. Whether thay are taken advantage of ....... We Shall See.
  11. Good Day. Indeed this topic was raised elsewhere with this exact concern. I believe the consensus was that : for everyday normal snowfall, the continuous operation at comparatively high frequency is sufficient to keep the tracks / switches clear. for excessive snow events, that a special piece of equipment is dispatched to assist, as it would be before beginning morning operations. RTG should have had some exposure and experience with this over the preliminary operations last winter on the eastern leg open for testing at that time. We Shall See.
  12. Good Day. As for doors rather than a drop chainlink gateway.... yep - airflow control is the most probable explanation. You see doors at the lower level St. Laurent access as well. Even though both have or should have good vent stacks, airflow is still a bear. Indeed, as you mention (I am from Montreal originally) Montreal has some stations that are fierce. Peel - Concordia comes to mind. Most of the rolltop gateways are at open-air stations - a far less problematic location / situation. EnJoy!
  13. Good Day. Re: Lyon pic..... to my eye, not so much. Of course, pics do not really show in person live actual perceived space (and I am from Montreal, so I am biased !).... and this is the concourse level, after the fare gates and before you descend to platform level, so people will not spend too much time here. Of more concern is the platform level....which, from pics so far (and Parliament station just about the same), show (to me) very cramped platforms. We shall see ......
  14. Good DAy. Two possibilities.... That they have had, or will have, a maintenance difficulty that is not worth repairing, or, either inclusive or exclusive of maintenance, that they are preparing for the Phase 2 western leg expansion construction disruptions early, on this item, to get people used to it. Just an idea.... no facts to support. EnJoy!
  15. Good Day, all. This is my first post here (as opposed to SkyScraper), and it is an attempt to post the August 13 FEDCO Q2 memo. I saw above Shane posed the September update. Thx. Here goes....looks like it's here. Let me know. EnJoy! O-Train Confederation Line Q2 2018 Memo_FINAL.pdf
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