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  1. Thanks for sharing. What do you mean by full rooftop?
  2. That’s the thing. Not as clear cut as the Kanata section at this point. Thank you for all your work Derek on the map. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Antoine, it will definitely be added in the near future. We were waiting as the details were not yet finalized, whereas those for Kanata were. Thanks for posting the images. Have a great day.
  4. Our latest Behind the Scenes video has released... a visit to the Transit Operations Contrôle Centre (TOCC). The interview with Michael Morgan is fast approaching, and there is still a bit of time left to submit questions on Stage 2 so that they may be chosen and answered in the video
  5. Don't get me wrong, the service being offered (train and bus) is not acceptable at this time and much work needs to be done to get it to where it needs to be and where passengers and customers deserve (both in reliability, comfort and timeliness). Very unfortunate that all this has come to pass. I'm eager for all this to be a thing of the past. Not the start I was expecting at all.
  6. Hi Rick, I agree. The current situation does disappoint. The service opened with high expectations and the initial launch period went quite smoothly (all things considered). The period after October 6th was rough but things were moving in the right direction. The last 2 weeks have been by far the worst performance. There is no doubt that with time these issues will be a thing of the past but in the period until then it does make public transit difficult, and likely is pushing people to other means of commuting, like you said. Issues at launch is not something new and most cities suffer from this for the first months or year. Despite that, it doesn't make it easier while things are rough. The good news from the Transit Commission meeting last week is that the door issue is scheduled to be mostly reduced or its impact greatly reduced in the coming weeks with a new software update for the trains. VOBC and TCMS have been contained better and the meeting stated there hadn't been a real issue on that front since mid-December if I recall correctly. Seemingly the switches and the electrical issues of late are the biggest issues at this point. Lets hope the external consultation and assistance by JBA will help close the gap and make the difference to get things on track to head in the direction we need without any more detours in that path.
  7. Great info. Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll add it to the Stage 2 FAQ on the site.
  8. The City of Ottawa has just released a memo on the Stage 2 Project procurement evaluations and three related appendices. You can view them here: https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-o-train-light-rail-transit-stage-2-technical-evaluations
  9. The City of Ottawa has just released a memo on the Stage 2 Project procurement evaluations and three related appendices. You can view them here: https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-o-train-light-rail-transit-stage-2-technical-evaluations
  10. On a sidenote, I don't think it made it into the video interview with Troy Charter but the question of "Will Stage 2 trains be placed in regular rotation with Stage 1 fleet once they’ve been fully tested?"... Yes they will be in the rotation as they become ready and have the necessary hours/kilometres on them. They don't want trains sitting idle indefinitely.
  11. Interesting day in Toronto. Two big incidents occurred today in their city. The first, an SUV/car that passed through the gates and lights at the Streetcar tunnel entrance, and made it all the way to the Union Station streetcar loop before getting stuck. I don't understand how everytime this happens, the person driving the car decides to go as far as possible until they get stuck. WHY??? Union Station is quite a distance into the tunnel. Then a Subway on Line 2 had a partial derailment, halting service between Jane and Ossington, which caused massive backups and overflowing surface transit, that was not able to keep up. According to news on Toronto.ca ( It occurred near Keele yard in the city’s west end. One of the middle cars of a train partially derailed. The train was not in service at the time. )
  12. Hi David, no there wasn't enough time to go further on those points from what was discussed in the video. But it is good news to know that the possibility of having trains cross the bridge in the future is not completely off the table.
  13. I agree. A company or organization can't survive indefinitely without being paid. Add to that the reports in the media of how their sub-contractors haven't been paid in full as well for the past work done. Not a pretty picture for all involved. And now the lack of performance and reliability continues to hit them with non-payments from the city. I don't know about RTG/RTM but I wouldn't last long in that scenario. Either get your stuff together or let us know so we can find someone else who will. You'd think that if what we are hearing in the media about RTM not doing the work required or managing it properly, ultimately resulting in them not being paid, would be incentive enough to get to work to start earning money they are promised. Sounds simple but there's probably more to it than we know at this moment. Hopefully we will learn more at the Transit Commission meeting tomorrow at 2pm. Ultimately as the system is new and the city has never had such infrastructure before, it makes sense to have experts and companies that specialize in this type of work to maintain it initially. While the contract is for 30 years, perhaps somewhere around that time, the city or OC Transpo would take the maintenance in house, much like Montreal does for the Metro, and I'm sure many other cities (if not most) do as well.
  14. Are there currently 4 liveries in circulation? Rapibus New STO Old STO Ex-Calgary Classics White
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