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  1. I too prefer Metro over LRT or Light Rail. Technically, as the vehicles on the Confederation Line are typically looked at in the same class as the Bombardier Flexity, which as we know are used as Streetcars in Toronto, one could easily see them as being the same thing in Ottawa. I guess it really boils down to not just the vehicles but the line itself and how it is setup and operated. In Toronto, the TTC Streetcars are operating right on the busy streets, and contend with every traffic light, intersection, cars and more. It is similar to bus service on city streets, but with a heavier and higher capacity vehicle, that tends to ride much smoother. In Ottawa, the Confederation Line O-Train uses similar type of vehicles in many ways, however it operates on a dedicated and segregated right of way, independent of surface traffic and circulation. It also runs at significantly higher speeds than the TTC Streetcars could ever operate. The stations are massive and handle very high levels of passengers, often to crush levels. In comparing to Montreal's Metro, the vehicles are both narrower than the TTC Subway, but handle extremely high passenger numbers, travel between stations and have dedicated guideways. What I suppose I am trying to say is it doesn't matter the vehicle, and it doesn't matter the name, how it is operated and designed as a system is what it really comes down to. Our system is a high capacity rapid transit cross-city service. To me that's a metro, more so than those light rail lines you see overseas. Plus in comparing Montreal Metro to Toronto Subway, the metro has more style, and better looks, than the boxy stainless steel riveted subway cars.
  2. On a side note, as it relates to the forums, the Gallery will now auto-post photos when submitted. There will no longer be the step for approval before they appear.
  3. I would think opening around mid-July. I see it being possible if all the stars align for it to open before July 1st, but if it was me, and the opening could occur just days before July 1st, I would decide to wait even a few days after July 1st. While the line could definitely help on Canada Day, I would prefer seeing it remain in mint condition rather than the crowds and scuffing it may receive that day. Lets hope there is some news on Monday as to what decision was reached. Typically a memo is sent to council and then shared with the media for these types of things. If so, I will be sure to share it on the site as soon as the email goes out to media and I receive it.
  4. Just a reminder that the FEDCO meeting (and Confederation Line update) will take place tomorrow morning at 9:30am. The usual lineup of information will be shared on the site as it becomes available, sometime following the meeting's conclusion. The link will be on the site's frontpage.
  5. There was a higher indication from the poll and also from the one run on Twitter, that there is a preference towards a single category forum. For a first step, I have removed the extra categories for the O-Train discussions, so there is now just one category for the O-Train. The other two categories are Ottawa-Gatineau Region and Everywhere Else. For now, I think it is best to keep the O-Train discussions separate from the regular Ottawa-Gatineau discussions. It would be great to see more discussions on the bus network and STO in the forums, but perhaps that will come with time. Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions.
  6. Thanks for the comments so far. Seems like the consensus to now is one or two categories or a single category forum (no categories). In the sense maybe tagging could be enabled for a few key items (stations, lines and trains) to help differentiate visually
  7. If you pick option 1, reorganizing or new categories, please list what the new categories should be. Thank you.
  8. Hello all, I am happy to see lots of great discussions taking place and news being shared on the forums, and more recently, photos in the gallery. Thank you all! I would like your feedback to see if a change to the forums would be beneficial. Currently, the forums are separated by categories. The O-Train General Discussions forum category tends to have the most discussions and activity by far. The others have activity but tend to be significantly less. While there is absolutely no issue keeping things organized as they are, I would like to solicit some input if there would be some benefits to one of the following changes on the forum: Re-organize the categories (perhaps there is a better distribution of categories, rather than the ones already in place that would make more sense). If so, what category names would you prefer? Have the forums operate as one large category only (all discussions occur in one place, with no categories separating them). Keep things as they are currently (organization and current categories). Please let me know what you think. Thank you. I'll keep the poll and survey open until tomorrow around 8pm.
  9. Most of those networks, for example, Fido is powered by Rogers network, Koodo is Telus, Virgin is Bell, Videotron roams on Rogers as needed... I don't know the specifics for Shaw or Petro-Can but they are probably the same and use one of those main networks. The Petro-Canada is a Virtual Network, and they buy off one of the big ones, I'm just not sure which off the top of my head. But pretty much 95% if not all should work without issue. Essentially, if you have zero coverage with your home network, the phone will roam on a partner network, so either way, everyone should have coverage.
  10. Yes service has been assured. I think it was announced a year or two ago. The infrastructure will be provided by Telus if memory serves and they will support all the networks and carriers. Yes uOttawa was to be underground. Very odd if it would have been when we see now that the station works perfectly fine above ground.
  11. I would seriously doubt there would be any connection. What happened at Belfast Yard should have no impact on the main line and even if one of the trains was waiting to return to the Belfast Yard, there is more than enough space on the connector tunnel and track back to the MSF to hold the train. So no, not connected. Either way, what Jim Henry reported may not have been an issue with the train at Tremblay but perhaps a test maneuver for rerouting trains around. Rather than say let's pretend there's a train stuck at Tremblay eastbound platform, lets reroute trains around, they use an actual train for the actual test. Just a possible guess. In the end, the testing phase we are seeing currently is to test all sorts of possibilities, scenarios and what-ifs, it's not just to run them back and forth and that's it. Stress test everything, and try every scenario possible to find out any issues that need to be corrected or adjusted.
  12. Notice of Postponement: Finance and Economic Development Committee Ottawa – Due to the current State of Emergency as well as Council and staff’s focus on the City’s flood response and relief efforts, the Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 7, 2019 has been rescheduled to Friday May 10, 2019.
  13. Very unfortunate. Ever since the landslide that damaged and washed out some of the tracks, it seemed like an impossibility to get the train back in service. With this latest news, it is now definitely come to an end. I never had to chance to ride it but I've always heard it was quite the scenic ride and experience.
  14. Yeah 6 day test is not the 12 day test. At FEDCO they have been very firm on the fact that it is a 12 day test. So right there if on Reddit they are talking about a 6 day test, it is not the same test that is being referred to that we are all awaiting. In any case, next FEDCO is next Tuesday so won't be long to find out the latest. Very encouraging to see that it is mainly doubles running the line now.
  15. I saw some posts on Reddit this morning saying that the 12 day testing has started. Unless something drastic changed over the weekend, my last info was Friday afternoon and as far as the city was concerned at that moment the 12 day testing had not begun. Didn't sound like it was going to start for a little while longer either. Perhaps what people are saying online is more practice testing of the scenario, rather than the handoff testing, in other words, perhaps internal RTG practice scenario testing to build confidence for doing the 12 day test in the near future. But I'm very confident whatever is happening isn't the 12 day test that the city will pay attention to for accepting the system. I'm not saying the other info out there is wrong, they are indeed testing and ramping up reliability but it is almost certainly not related to the actual 12 day test that the city requires and cares about most.
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