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  1. Another example of buses being brought in from other cities, the ex-TTC Orion Ikaruses. To me a potential issue with this is equipping the buses with the standard OC Transpo setup, such as clever devices NSAS. Although as important as that system is, the need for buses is probably more critical. The point about any bus model versus similar models to what OC currently operates, may come down to part availability. If the loaned bus breaks down, would they source the parts from say the TTC or the bus owner? Or would they prefer to have the parts on stock to do the work required quickly and with the least delay?
  2. The City of Ottawa has shared with media a Memo: Assignment of 40 Buses. Within, it gives an idea of how the buses will be placed, staged and utilized across the city. https://otrainfans.ca/news/memo-assignment-of-40-buses
  3. Today's observations. I rode from Parliament to St-Laurent and shortly after the return trip from 1:10pm to 1:50pm. The trains seem to be operating slightly faster than yesterday during the light snowfall. It would seem like they are going slower in the eastbound direction than in the westbound. For example, when heading east from Rideau, they complete the big curve, and then slow down a bit further on the long straight before exiting the portal, and continue more or less at the same speed until uOttawa. Same for Tremblay to St-Laurent, again fairly slow compared to dry normal conditions. In the westbound direction, uOttawa to Rideau went quite faster, if not close to normal speed. Any speculation on the reason for the speed difference between both tracks? A few days ago it was related to the "weld" that had an issue around Hurdman but that was reportedly repaired. Might be a slower speed in snow/wet track conditions? What are your thoughts? I also saw people reporting on Skyscraper Forum that the Lyon station announcement in French was changed to pronounce Lyon like it is said in France for the city of the same name, however I have yet to hear it like that. And finally, the switches along the track all appear to be heating correctly. The switch itself and some track ahead and behind are clear of all snow. Does anyone know how this system works? Is it radiant heat or heated wire loops underneath the track ballast? Whatever is being done seems to be very effective at covering a large surface area. On a sidenote, the issues with doors and track switches seems to have dropped considerably in the last week. Granted the reason for stuck trains isn't always made clear but as far as those two issues are concerned, there seems to be a noticeable improvement.
  4. October 2019 video walkthrough is now online. https://www.otrainfans.ca/checklist/o-train-fans-rider-s-checklist-second-edition. Did any of the items throw you a curveball? How is November checklist going?
  5. Regarding the slow travel time around Hurdman today. “There is no crack in the rail; a break occurred on a weld. The rail line was inspected by a rail specialist and trains can travel safely along the line at a reduced speed. Welding repairs are taking place this evening.” – Michael Morgan, Director, Rail Construction Program Quote shared on twitter by CTV’s Graham Richardson
  6. Rode the train between 1-2pm today. The ERO was clearly making use of the traction brake control (manual control) as we entered Pimisi station heading westbound, and again departing the station heading towards Bayview. Now since shortly after 3pm, seeing tweets from people saying the trains are operating around 10kph between Hurdman and Tremblay (eastbound), reasons unknown at this time.
  7. Great topic. Of the 6 models of bus currently in use, my order of preference would be... New Flyer D60LFr Nova LFS Orion VII Hybrid New Flyer D60LF Alexander Dennis double decker New Flyer Invero I really like the D60LFr, because of the ride experience. Smooth, comfortable, spacious, and the big doors make boarding and disembarking quick and easy, as compared to 40 foot buses. The Nova LFS to me is a good bus, taking most of the modern advancements with the relative sleek design of this bus model. Having ridden them many times on the STO as well as back in the early 2000s when OC Transpo had 20 of them, they have definitely improved over the years and are a solid bus, one I am happy to see the city invest in, to have some variety. The Hybrid's are overall a decent bus, with my only gripe being the obscenely loud stop request bell. If you are sitting next to it or right underneath, your ears will feel the pain of the high pitch squeal.
  8. Experienced a full train this morning at Lyon. Tried to get on after what seemed to be a sizable amount of people disembarked without success. People were all crowded by the doors and blocking entry. The next train display board indicated another 15 minutes so since I was only going to Rideau, I walked. It is disappointing to see full trains. I am sure the situation isn't helped by people crowding by the doors but we shouldn't be seeing this only 2 months into the start of revenue service. I do feel bad for those farther out along the line, where they are exposed to the cold and wind. One way to help address this is to add more trains. More are being assembled, and I sincerely hope that more get placed in service to reduce the load on the trains. People shouldn't be left behind. I was on the platform walking from one end down to see if I could manage to get on. There was no more than a handful of people waiting to get on, not even a crowd. In all the times I've been to Montreal (which has been alot, during peak times and off-peak), only on the F1 Grand Prix weekend have I experienced full trains that I couldn't get on and had to wait for the following trains to be able to board. This is what the city needs to aim for. In the off-peak periods, things move quite well, trains are not full and there is always room to get on, if not to even get a seat. The service struggles in the peak periods, and while by the very definition, the loads are expected to be at their maximum, we should be able to handle this, and people shouldn't be consistently left behind, one two or more trains. I am hopeful that the news yesterday of Peter Lauch taking over as CEO of RTM (Rideau Transit Maintenance) will help get things in order and start clearing the backlog of issues to move forward. I also have read reports that the doors are all still automatically opening at all stations. I thought the plan was for that to continue only in the underground stations, with manual button activation required elsewhere, due to the cold and wanting to keep in the heat and warmth. As far as service on Tuesday after the storm, the morning proceeded very well but the afternoon had a stuck train at Cyrville. While most in the media are quick to write off the first winter/snow test as a failure, it is important to distinguish what caused the issue. It was probably not weather or snow related, but a door issue/computer issue, etc. In other words, the breakdown could have been what is already being experienced for weeks now and not snow / weather related. So let's give the train some slack on that point, if nothing else. Let's not say "The train failed in the snow like we all assumed and knew it would". The morning went perfectly, the afternoon saw an issue probably not unlike what we have been seeing for weeks.
  9. Hey @occheetos. The new additions you are planning for the map are fantastic. Thank you for sharing some screenshots on the forums. Really gives a great visualization of the line and future expansion possibilities. I don’t think a map of this detail is available anywhere else. Or at least not one that is as clear to follow as yours. Well done. Thank you.
  10. Don’t think bad of me but I can’t remember if the top of my head where Mucho Burrito is. Lol. Oh yes I remember where it is. And a very specific one too. The Tim Hortons, ideally i was thinking of one location but I guess there is two. In that sense, I guess points if you find one and completionist status if you get both.
  11. In case you missed it... the Third Checklist (Nov 2019) is now up on the Checklist section of the site : https://www.otrainfans.ca/checklists Have fun and happy riding!
  12. How long is the MTO certification still valid on those buses? 8122 was the GM Artic right? Or was that 8222?
  13. Incredible turn of events. To see buses being put back into action after being retired (or seemingly now, unofficially retired) is quite the move to make. But it is good they are doing what they can to get things back on track. I find it interesting that they are putting back into service Inveros rather than Hybrids which are newer (despite the issues they may face, such as requiring new batteries). Are they targetting Inveros exclusively to put back into service or some hybrids as well. Or from the other point of view, continuing to retire hybrids and reinstating Inveros?
  14. Shane

    Line 1 - Blair

    It is already a fare-paid zone, with the bus platforms closest to the train being in that zone. The ones on the opposite side are outside the fare-paid zone. Yes you are correct, the only fare gates are on the upper walkway, and unless a passenger is transfering from bus to train, these gates are to be used to gain access. The zone is probably much smaller than Tunney's Pasture as it is handling probably a 1/3 of the bus routes than Tunney's has to deal with. But yes the fare-paid zone for buses (and by extension the train) is not as "protected" as the one at Tunney's Pasture, with less fencing to surround it.
  15. Today, the Mayor released a memo that was sent to the city manager, in which he is asking to place a transit fare freeze from January to March 2020. As you are probably aware, the fares were scheduled to go up in January. This fare freeze would be covered using funds withheld from maintenance payments to RTG. It also states the interest to have a plan to extend the freeze past March 2020 should the service not improve to the City's satisfaction.
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