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  1. Thanks for the info. Has there been any changes or upgrades done on the rebuilt buses? Or was this series mostly just restored?
  2. I went by this afternoon around 4:30pm and took the following pics. Bottom line, no structure or cover has been built, from what I can see. My photos were taken from the O-Train fence at Gladstone. The service resumes between Carling and Bayview as of Monday morning.
  3. No idea. All depending on when it will be, I plan to attend.
  4. The City of Ottawa has just released the following MEMO on the Confederation Line. A briefing will be held next week to provide further updates about Trial Running, Revenue Service Availability (RSA) and the opening. https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-update-on-the-o-train-confederation-line-rsa
  5. A good article by Blair Crawford of the Ottawa Citizen today on the current status of the LRT, after speaking to Mayor Jim Watson. No update on how things are going but the mayor reiterated his confidence of receiving the system this month, and passengers riding the rails in September. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/watson-confident-lrt-will-be-carrying-passengers-in-september-as-promised So from these details, it would seem like things will move fast as far as getting information out once the testing is completed and RSA is achieved.
  6. We are now: Projected Revenue Service Availability in 4 days 2 hours 52 minutes 55 seconds To me, I have seen (and I am sure many of you have as well ) discussions in which it was determined that Substantial Completion wouldn't be achieved and yet 1-2 days later it was confirmed by both the City and Independent Certifier. I am hopeful. The city has made it clear that no updates would be provided until the test phase is completed. While I don't think we will need to wait for FEDCO in September, the date of August 16th is the current RSA and RTG will be penalized if they miss it. As has been the case before, the city has released memos when such an event occurs. If they do not make August 16th, we will very likely hear about it on August 16th or very shortly after. RTG set the new RSA date back on June 18th. Alstom had promised the trains would be 'finished' by July 7th, which the city later confirmed took place. Alot of final milestones are being met, lets hope the big one regarding the 12 day test is as well. What are your thoughts? Do you think RSA will be achieved by August 16th. While there are certainly lots of rumours and news against it happening by that date, many do suggest it wouldn't be far off if they miss, saying by end of the month...
  7. From what I have found, it appears that the track and guideway are being built by TransitNext (the Trillium South Extension builder). The airport station itself is to be built separately by the Airport Authority, in conjunction with the airport expansion. While the line will open in 2022, these two elements of bringing the O-Train to the airport will no doubt be done with different timelines and schedules. Definitely of interest to see how that will all be coordinated and come together if in fact that is how it will be done.
  8. Of all the model years that the STO have had in their fleet for the LFS, which would be regarded as the most reliable?
  9. Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to film it for all to see. The announcements seem to operate properly and with good timing before the trains do arrive. The door closing chime is something I hadn't heard before. Love seeing the double LRVs operating all along the alignment. Passenger service isn't far off now!
  10. I agree on many points. These were certainly interesting buses to have in the OC Fleet. Of course, the rear door was probably the top hated feature. After having ridden them quite extensively, I found an almost 100% reliable way to trigger the rear door to open. Simply hold your hand within an inch or two of the door and in one motion, move your hand from top down. (More of a sliding motion than a wave). The transmission sound when shifting from 1st to 2nd, and from 2nd to 3rd was also quite interesting. The lack of AC was a big sore spot, and the heat was only available from the ceiling/roof mounted unit so the windows were often fogged up (as they did not have the typical air vents positioned underneath the windows)... particularly problematic in the winter and cold weather.
  11. When you look at the current TTC Subway routing, it is shocking that things have lasted as long as they have. The downtown U to Union Station is very narrow and is the only part of the subway network to reach the core business area. It's non wonder that they are looking to build a relief line, which very likely may actually serve the area in a much better way. In looking at Montreal's Metro, both the Orange Line and the Green Line run parallel to each other between Berri-UQAM and Lionel Groulx. This has pretty much been the case since the beginning (although the Orange was extended west from Bonaventure later on). Both lines compliment each other quite nicely serving the core downtown area. Coming back to Toronto, it seems like the service is geared to people transferring to streetcars or bus to complete their trip to their destination, whereas in Montreal you can come really close or arrive by Metro only.
  12. Sounds like some people on an old ski related forum in French. Ma coiffeuse m’a dit....
  13. Aren't one or two of the lines also shared by VIA Rail? Or are those being considered to abandon not used by VIA?
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