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  1. Great find. Here are some changes I noticed on my end. The path of the guideway between Blair and Montreal after reaching into the median does sweep into the eastbound lanes of the 174 for a segment, and again leaving Montreal heading east, in the large highway curve, the guideway again passes directly onto the eastbound lanes. While we do know the lanes will be reconfigured and moved apart in the area surrounding Montreal station and the new overpasses, it seems to extend somewhat further out than originally thought, to create a more gradual curve for the train. (Hopefully allowing it to hit and maintain a higher speed in these segments).
  2. Welcome @evoMR. Thank you for your interest. Please send us an email to snapshots (AT) otrainfans.ca and let us know which stations you'd like to cover, how often you would be able to contribute and why you'd like to join. Thank you.
  3. Good details @J.OT13. I didn't know about the circulation at the North end at platform level but it does make sense. Thanks for sharing this piece of information.
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