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  1. The City of Ottawa - Media Relations has shared with media a memo regarding an update on the Prince of Wales Bridge and Ottawa River Line. Source : City of Ottawa https://www.otrainfans.ca/blogs/memo-moose-petition-access-to-city-of-ottawa-submissions
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/high-speed-rail-1.4915058 Seems like the Ford government may in fact find a way to pass on moving ahead with the High-Speed rail project between Toronto and Windsor.
  3. Week of November 18, 2018 New Snapshot blog post on Pimisi Station. New Snapshot blog post on Bayview Station.
  4. I have little doubt they will open by end of March, but I'm hopeful for even sooner. Lots of progress made over the past few months, it's really impressive. I guess we can put January 2nd on calendar as the deadline to find out the new RSA date. They have 60 days from the last one of November 2nd to announce a new Revenue Service Availability date. That's a month and a half away. I would expect we would hear something before Christmas, as after that it's just a week away and with holidays and New Year's... doubtful they would announce something in that week period, unless they want to be dramatic due to the holidays.
  5. Shane

    Favorite Stations on the Metro

    I was in Montreal a week ago and enjoyed Snowdon Station. It's quite large and as the entrance is off to one end, you get to walk a bit of a distance to experience the station. The placement of the elevators going from the fare gates to the concourse is also impressive, and is probably very similar to the O-Train downtown stations underground for their length.
  6. I was hoping for sooner but his words do say By The End of March. So could also mean March at the latest. I'm still hoping for earlier. I guess we will have some big news on the date at the FEDCO on Wednesday. 50 hours to go.
  7. The November 8, 2018 Construction Update has several interesting details to report. This is all very promising news, and helps to show that things are definitely advancing. Automatic train control and the CBTC systems are key for system certification and acceptance. To read that the trains are now able to run from end to end in Automatic Train Operation is excellent news. Even more, that the track and catenary system are certified for line speed. From the update it would seem like most of the work on the infrastructure is surrounding Tunney's Pasture (landscaping and surrounding finishes), and Parliament / Rideau Stations to a higher degree. I'm still optimistic for a handover before the end of the year, of course we should get a better idea at the FEDCO meeting next Wednesday. Becoming more and more optimistic.
  8. Prior to November 5, 2018 Miscellaneous updates across site and improvements to forums. Week of November 5, 2018 New Snapshot blog post on uOttawa and Lees Stations. New Snapshot blog post on Hurdman and Tremblay Stations. New Snapshot blog post on St. Laurent Stations. New Snapshot blog post on Parliament and Lyon Stations. New Snapshot blog post on Rideau Station. New Snapshot blog post on Cyrville and Blair Stations.
  9. The city has just shared a memo on the Revenue Service Availability date and associated liquidated damages. You can find it on the site here : https://www.otrainfans.ca/blogs/clarification-on-lrt-revenue-service-availability-and-associated-liquidated-damages Generally, not much is new in the memo other than to confirm that the RSA of November 2nd was missed, as was the earlier May 24, 2018. The city is now in a position to deduct the $1 million in liquidated damages from the next payment to RTG.
  10. The Confederation Line track rails were joined by two welding techniques. Thermite Welding and Flash Butt Welding. Generally, thermite welding is done on site, while flash butt welding is done before rails are moved to the site. Thermite welding (or exothermic welding) is a process in which molten steel is poured into a cast placed around a cross section of rail. Through a exothermic reaction between aluminum and iron oxides, molton steel is created. Flash butt welding is a forged weld created by an electrical charge between the cross sections of rail until the steel is malleable. In this method, no material is inserted between the sections of rail.
  11. Shane

    Adapting with the Climate

    I saw this article on CBC today. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ttc-noise-complaints-1.4885206 It has to do with increasing noise along Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth line) of the TTC Subway. It is caused by a phenomenon called "Wheel Flats". This is when there isn't enough friction between the wheels and rails (no doubt slipping or sliding), that causes the train's control computer to initiate an emergency stop, thereby causing the train wheels to slide on the tracks. The sliding flattens the wheels, and reduces it's roundness. Obviously being no longer perfectly round creates increasing noise levels. The wheels can be repaired by grinding back to a circle. The article mentions that this can be caused for example by rain and falling leaves on the tracks, reducing friction levels between wheel and rail. By the very design, this would seem to be an issue anywhere, and it is through regular maintenance and proactive repairs when it becomes an issue that this situation can be dealt with. Will be interesting to see how it plays out and how well it is dealt with on our system in Ottawa.
  12. Hello @WRXRated. Welcome to the forums. I can't really tell what is going on. I do know they are finishing the landscaping around the station and doing work on both tunnel portal sites, so perhaps it is related but it does seem a bit of a distance from the actual track and station. Really don't know. I haven't been able to go by up close to Pimisi lately so if you have any further pictures that are closer we may be able to speculate a bit further.
  13. Following up from my photos a bit higher of the interior entrance within Place de Ville to Lyon Station, this weeks construction update has a photo of inside the station, directly on the opposite side of those doors. You can see the doors just to the right of the escalators and stairs if you follow down the ramp on the right side of the image.
  14. Just checked and the meeting was rescheduled to November 14th at 9:30. Was originally going to be Nov 6. Tomorrow (November 2nd) was the revenue service availability date before it was announced it wouldn’t be met back in September. Had all gone well , we would have been potentially just weeks away from boarding the train. ——— On a side note, i will be resuming the Snapshot updates as of this weekend as there has been quite a lot of progress over the past many weeks. Stay tuned.
  15. I was just reading about this on another site and it is said that there are currently 50 Azur in operation, with 4 left to deliver between now and February 2019. Another tidbit I read is that there are more Azur than MR-73. Azur - 50 trains (with 4 to come) vs 47 trains - MR-73.
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