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  1. So it seems Octranspo has begun the process of naming the Line 2 Trains Saw C5 with Nanuk/Polar Bear & C6 with Emily Murphy The name plates are located on the #2 end of the train.
  2. 1106 & 1108 is now online. (Both seen at Tunney's Pasture this evening
  3. You would have to upload it to YouTube or Vimo and post the link. As the Upload limit for this forum is 48.83MB
  4. Spotted this aft at Hurdman. (Seemed to have some minor technical problems)
  5. As some who may or may not be aware. The fencing has been taken down at Bayview Stn (on Albert). Now one can get closer to the action. Here's a screenshot from a video I did of a Train that departed Bayview EB
  6. Went by Lees Station and I noticed the permanent shelter and stop flags were recently installed. Here is a couple of shots that I took.
  7. Caught some Singles and one Double during todays snowfall at Lees Stn.
  8. .Good afternoon all The following units were spotted at Tunney's Pasture yesterday at around 2:45pm 1107, 1109, 1121, *1116-1125 (*This was the only 2 car train) and a un-numbered unit I got a couple of pictures to share as well.
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