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  1. I wished I had been wrong back in November but here we are April. What a mess. The nice thing though is that at this point a May opening means that university is done and that is nice as the train will once again be the campus shuttle between Campus and Lees. Better to open in good weather with fewer passengers to better be able to figure out any issues that comes up.
  2. Thanks Shane for the FEDCO report and the video. They are further along than I thought reading from various reports. This is encouraging and March is certainly doable and like others see that as more of a deadline than a target. While we won’t know for sure till RTG reports, am sure the city has performed its own evaluation for Mayor Watson to tweet end of March. By March the system should be up and running.
  3. As I used to live on the south shore, transferring from line 4 to line 2 all the way to the top was not fun at Berri-de Montigny! I was glad when I started going to McGill Station which I like as it is airy and large and well connected to the underground city. Lionel-Groulx is also a great station for its design and the convenience in transferring from one line to the other.
  4. Me too I was hoping for earlier and thanks Shane for your great work posting pictures and FEDCO reports. I have been in Ottawa too long I believe for the way I read the Mayor's reply is that we will have a date by the end of March... not that it will open by then. But I think that is too pessimistic. At some point they cannot be that incompetent. From the the pictures and various reports from commenters, March sounds reasonable.
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