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  1. Any benefit to the full rooftop vs the partial one? I guess aerodynamics are superior?
  2. I actually quite enjoy the Enviro 500, especially when the top front seats are available. As quiet as it gets, and you have nice views of the city! Other than that, I haven't been in Ottawa long enough to try anything holder than the hybrids so I am gonna abstain of commenting on older ones.
  3. Has any of them been seen on the roads already? I would presume they are still going through acceptance or final fittings.
  4. I don't expect much to change from the already known plans for it with the same frequency as currently. Given that South Keys is one platform I would guess they'll have the two timetables "split apart" by a 3-4 minute gap so that north-south can use their respective platform, then Airport shuttle comes in afterwards and cabin swap. Turn around at Tunney's and Blair can be done is 4-5 minutes and even less so I guess that would be the way. 12 minutes service pattern would look something like this. I am not too sure how representative those times between sections are though. 0:00 Trains arrives Platform 1 and 2 (Southbound, Northbound) 1:30 End of dwell time 3:00 Clear of the switches (Airport Branch and Limebank) 3:30 Shuttle is allowed onto mainline 5:00 Shuttle arrives at Platform 1 or 2 8:30 End of turn-around and departure 10:00 Clear of the switches 10:30 Northbound train continues on tracks 12:00 Train arrives in Platform 1 and 2 Not sure how long the actual dwell times will be (went on the longer end), but given the longer trains and increased door count, I'd expect shorter dwell times than with the Lint even for similar traffic. Same for time to clear the south switches as they are about 600m from platform. All this to show it possible to do, but still "tight" for a 12 minute frequency with the known configuration so far. This also raises the question whether or not interlining of trains all the way to Bayview is even possible with the current alignment and not double-tracking: the current 12 minute service pattern seems to be the "lowest possible" on this section so there is no real increase in frequency possible without cutting frequencies south in half. I might be totally in the wrong there of course but we'll see!
  5. For those of you who haven't had the chance to go all the way to Baseline, this is EWC's main base for the West extension. I presume there is a similar one for the East and South extension though I am not entirely sure where they are located. As of Tuesday, there was still work going on along the extension and EWC seems to be already quite deployed along the entire length of the West extension. Trees seem to have been removed entirely from Dominion to Baseline (haven't checked to Moodie though), and there is ground levelling going on as sites seem to become increasingly active. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact COVID-19 will have on progress and whether or not this will lead to delays, but EWC seems to be quite proactive already. I'll be in the area today and will try to get a bit more pictures if weather permits.
  6. Highway 174 westbound to close between Trim Road and Tenth Line Road overnight on Saturday
  7. Also, wanted to say huge thanks to Shane once again for taking the time to do the interview. Scrimgeour really went in depth whenever possible and shared some interesting informations. Looking forward to some of the changes discussed (GPS-tracking, payment options, etc.) and how they will actually be implemented. I still think OC should do like the STO / STM and adopt Transit as their official app, but I guess it is little steps in the right direction. For Stage 2, the service pattern will be interesting to see in operation. I still think there should be some sidings along certain points so trains can be inserted or moved aside, but for now I think it is the best that can be done without really going "overkill" downtown in terms of frequency. This also seems to indicate that, even with the line running at lowest interval under CBTC (90 seconds), we would likely see trains operating at 3 minutes interval beyond Lincoln Field, which would provide a bit more capacity than currently available in the core, which is still impressive! I guess another option if there is a need to increase capacity is to make the Moodie/Kanata to Lincoln Field a seperate service as will be done in lower service periods.
  8. There is currently a "moratorium" on adverts on the Confederation Line, waiting for the city to do a study and decision through council. I cannot find those references right away, or the exact time when it is to be reviewed, but I think it was for 18 months following opening or something along those lines? Curious to see what the decision will be, given that the cost of adverts has been decreasing on public transit and that it would be a "almost meaningless" amount of revenue for OC Transpo. I guess it all depends on the recommendation from city staff.
  9. Highway 174 to fully close between Champlain Street and Tenth Line Road overnight on Saturday
  10. I always enjoy some irony.
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