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  1. That’s exactly why. Even during construction of Stage 1 it wasn’t fully decided as the EA and design process was ongoing. As for the low-floor / high-floor, I think we are over-estimating how much of a difference it would make, as we would fall in the heavy-rail / metro territory. Essentially we’d be trading seating for standing-room (which I believe is a fair-trade, but not most users apparently...).
  2. Subway closed a long-time ago (as in before I moved to Ottawa), and there was a Ministry of Coffee that opened last year if I recall? Either way, the food offering was never a strong point and I don’t think there are plans for it to be expanded beyond vending machines and coffee shop sandwiches... Part of why I started traveling business on ViaRail and why I generally go for a snack before heading there! As for the renovations, its a two part project: first is an expansion of the business lounge, that would be on the Eastern side. Western side is being reconfigured though I don’t know the scope of work.
  3. Definitely great questions from everyone! Can't wait to see those interviews Shane and hopefully some behind the scenes content (I think we would all love to see a control centre BTS). My questions would be as follow; though you will notice they go beyond LRT. Feel free to redirect them to the person you might think is better suited to answer them as I might be mixing up the scope of their work. - Mr Watson, the city of Ottawa is currently updating its TMP, a process that will take many years. However, many issues affect transit ridership and the trust of people in OC Transpo, such as the reliability of service, frequency and capacity on some routes, the cost of ridership and the implementation of new service. While waiting for the updated TMP, how does the city plan to support the increasing need for connected mobility, ranging from transit, cycling and walking? - Mr Charter, the extension of the Trillium Line south of Greenboro will result in a "double lining" of high-frequency services along the alignment, as high-frequency bus routes continue to Hurdman. What are the plans for operation beyond Greenboro following the opening of the extended Trillium? - Mr Morgan, Bayview station will become, with the expansion of the Trillium Line, an important interchange and see major redevelopment in its surroundings. It has been mentioned on multiple occasions that Line 2 will have two platforms at Bayview. How will this operate once completed and why is there a need for such doubling in the first place? And more of a wildcard question: - Now that Stage 2 is being built, what lays forward for the O-Train network? Can we expect some sort of "commuter rail" service similar to the first generation Trillium Line?
  4. I'd argue the eastbound platform at uOttawa is maybe the "worst" in terms of flow on the network. If you are coming from the west-end (Barrhaven, Kanata, etc.), Rideau Centre and other places west, you have only one, tight staircase to get off the platform, facing traffic in the other direction too. Then, you have to go through the gates, back up the ramp or stairs outside the station and access wherever you want to go on Campus. The number of fare gates seems adequate for uOttawa station as a whole, but getting on the east platform can be awful, especially at busier time. Ironically, the emergency exit underpass on the south end of the platform would be the perfect way to offset some of those difficulties, but it seems like it will never be used as such. I think the staircase is limited by the actual configuration and space available at uOttawa, but can probably help explain why a good part of the door issues happen at this station.
  5. Question was brought up in the last FEDCO if I recall correctly: plans are indeed built to support the widening of the Airport Parkway. Think it is done for a four lane wide final configuration.
  6. The Bank Street alignment is probably one of the most "logical" north-south alignment as it doesn't overlap too much with existing alignment while serving an actual north-south axis. Generally speaking, agreed "effective" radius for mass-transit is around 600m from station. In this context, I created a map of where potential stations would be versus existing / future Trillium line stations, and there is not that much overlap. The only real overlap between the two lines is Walkley if built as separate stations. Of course it would be a REALLY expensive endeavour, but it is one of the most logical alignment for densification. I do not really believe it would kill the need for Trillium as they do not really overlap, but might remove any real necessity to double-track all of Trillium in a 30-50 years timeframe. I also agree with @Herlsone that there is a better case for this alignment than the Barrhaven LRT or other alignments south of Carling Ave. Of course those who live in Far-Haven will suggest otherwise, but ridership ain't there, nor density. @Matth69000 which software do you use? Illustrator? Amazing work by the way.
  7. Couldn't find a specific answer other than it is the responsibility of TransitNext (SNC) to provide the system. Seems like there was no announcement or decided provider as of PA's signing. Might be a question to escalate to the Stage2 team?
  8. Thanks for the update. Personally I don't have much issue with the lack of padding, but can see why some might find it annoying.
  9. So it seems the "second batch" of LFS for R1? Are those the ones with more seat padding or thats even further down the line?
  10. As always Shane was really quick to post the FEDCO presentation, and I am really happy with what we got to see for the Trillium line. New Station Designs In a move to increase accessibility, many stations are being reconfigured to include elevator access in addition to the slopped ramp. Excellent choice as it makes it considerably more accessible for those with mobility issues, especially in the winter time. It is not clear to me if all stations requiring elevated access will be configured the same way, so I'll keep my eyes open. As I said over on Twitter, it makes Stage 2 Trillium feel more LRT-like than commuter rail, which I see as a good thing if development is to be densified around the stations. The part about "PA compliance" surprised me as, if I recall, the PA did not include requirement for elevators? Maybe an effort by SNC to get closer to the "passing technical grade"? Construction Progress Most of you probably saw the video, and it seems like good progress is being done already. Given that the line is expected to reopen in Q3 2022 (in time for the new semester at Carleton if I recall), it looks like work south of Greenboro is progressing well with most of the alignment cleared, and getting ready for rail install. It probably helps a lot that south of South Keys it is mostly a "greenfield project" but we are seeing significant progress since the start of work in Q2. I think we can expect most of the overpass crossings work to be done next summer, tracks installed by the end of 2020, completion of stations 2021 and testing /commissioning early 2022. I'll say it: early delivery by a few months maybe? Probably a unpopular opinion there, but I do believe SNC-Lavalin is doing a great job so far. It seems to me like people want them to fail, but I'd rather see them deliver on time / on budget like they did on many expansions worldwide then see a Canadian based company fail. There is a lot of reasons to say they don't have a good corporate track record, but I sincerely they can get it done efficiently and in a smart manner. Vehicle MSF / Delivery First of all: the Talents are still on the site at Walkley. Second, piling and start to foundation work is actually great! I assume they cannot install trackage for as long as the mainline access is operational, so it probably will slow down until next summer, but again trending in the right direction. I was disappointed that we didn't get more vehicle related details today, but we'll see as designs come closer to final. I wish the city was more transparent on this personally as some crowd sourcing of ideas can help. One More Thing... The music in the "update video" is excellent. In fact, I really prefer that format of video than the ones with got alongside Stage 1. I hope it is part of TransitNext / City plans for update communications and its improvement vs Stage 1.
  11. From what I see and what people report, I would agree with you that its been running smoother overall. TCMS issues are trending down, doors issues are stable (with quicker resolution and isolation though, so less bad from a CX perspective), and switch issues trends down. The key point is that issues are better managed when they occur, and seem to result a lot less in the line being crawled. Good on OC for adapting to the issues and, what seems to be, RTG / RTM getting the work done.
  12. IMO it should have been done a long time ago. This is best practice and one of the least expensive way to start new lines. This is how we got the original O-Train after all! However, the lines being considered seem to me like implementing them in a "meaningful" line would probably not give an alignment worth developing other than a future "circle line" / east west connector that would be IMO too far down. We'll see if some designs are proposed and "priliminary ideas" are coming, or just capital expenditure.
  13. Last night I noticed a derail was installed south of Greenboro station, which likely indicates that work will or is taking place on the rails themselves south of the station.
  14. For what it is worth, Stage 2 documents so far still show the Southeast BRT as active, so I would assume there will still be a 97 between Hurdman and South Keys, with a 98 to Hawthorne. I would also suggest that, if the Carling / Baseline BRT is implemented by 2022 (in some form at least), it would bring more trips on the alignment. Of course the plans are mostly under wrap and probably still being worked on, but we'll figure out at some point. As for whichever would be best between Carling or Baseline is a tough call. Ridership wise I'd argue in favour of Baseline (would make an excellent east-west connection reach Algonquin from the southern parts of town), but potential development wise Carling seems to be in a boom of development with new condo towers and high-rise projects, which offers a good densification opportunity not available on Baseline currently. Whichever is built, I don't think they would be able to use Walkley Yard for a MSF or LMSF simply because the track radius to go from Line 2 to either Carling or a Baseline alignment would be really tight, and likely not usable as anything else than a launch connection. In that regard, I don't really believe one stands out as better than the other. Other option would be to use Line 1 at either Baseline (which would need a massive reconfiguration to implement it) or Carling (closest access point would be Lincoln Field, which is "right in the middle" of the LMSF / MSF) to launch the trains.
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