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  1. The past couple weekends I have seen maintenance (?) crews walking the line inbetween Hurdman and Lees, surprised how little train testing I have actually seen recently to be honest. Will be going through Hurdman tomorrow around noon, interested to see if there will be any testing or not. -Charie
  2. In one of the FEDCO power point presentations they had a picture of the machine with a snowplow attachment. It was one from a couple of months ago if you would like to find it.
  3. There is also a new bus paint scheme that will be seen on the new Novabuses coming in a couple months, from what Inhave heard it is similar (ish) the the Confederation Line livery, so I would guess the FLIRTs will be similar as well. I also quite like the LINT paint scheme, as it is a clean solid colour and just suits the train well. I really enjoy riding on the LINTs, very comfortable and a very smooth ride, and will be sad to see them go, except when I will take the train to the airport, of course. -Charlie
  4. The lines are named after which streets they pass underneath, for example the Yonge-University-Spadina Line originally just passed under those 3 streets. Same thing for the Bloor-Danforth line and the Shepherd line. The exception is the Scarborough RT, which only operates in Scarborough so it was named the.
  5. I believe a couple years ago they put in place 30 minute or less frequencies along about Lakeshore lines, so now they are about cutting that in half. Really handy for everyone who lives along the lines, and the capacity must be enormous considering all the trains are 10-12 double decker cars long. I believe it come into effect very soon, like in the coming weeks or something. -Charlie
  6. In addition to the old 8 and 40, there were also peak hour extensions of routes 49 (old route 149) that was numbered 49, and 48 (old 148) that was numbered 48, these routes are about as local as you can get, and only served Alta Vista. There were also other express routes that served Alta Vista/ Ottawa South to downtown,(40,41,42, 43,44, 45, 46, 47, 48,49). Some of these routes still exist today as 200 series routes, but the majority were cancelled a while ago. There were and still are a lot of government workers that live in Ottawa South, especially in Alta Vista and some parts of South Key/Greenboro, so that could be one reason why there used to be such good connectivity to downtown and Gatineau. Like the 48 and 49 were not really north to south routes, they just had a lot of people who would ride them to Gatineau during rush hour. Consult this system map from 1993: http://madgic.library.carleton.ca/deposit/maps/OCTranspo/PDF/SystemMap1993.pdf
  7. Well it could be because that they only ever had 2 things in green, the 417 widening and the Scott/Albert bus detour. In fact, Belfast was never green, however if they had chosen to put it in green since it had been completed, it be yellow again now because it has gone under construction once again.
  8. I would definently take it as a good sign that the City did not say an exact date for the next expected RSA, it really means that it could happen anytime after November 1st. Who knows, they (and/or us) might only get a weeks notice for when the LRT will open, we will just have to see what happens in the coming weeks once Mr Manconi and the city get more info. -Charlie
  9. Another point with Clive Doucets “plan”, it would extend into mutiple municipalities, including another province, not just ottawa. The logistics of one city doing this, and not a provincial/federal/private agency are so complicated and unrealistic to do by 2021. Also, here is the 2018-2020 MOOSE rail brochure, including a timeline that says that trains would be runny by 2020. https://www.onyvamoose.ca/wp-content/uploads//MooseRail_Brochure2018-Ottawa-V8.pdf
  10. The geoOttawa website shows it being built on top of the airport vehicles parking spots that you can see right before the terminal building on the right hand side if ou are driving to the arrivals area.
  11. I believe that they are aiming for December 1 for the opening date, as you can see that the new schedule say they are valid until then. Also, notice the new R2 branding. Photo at Mooney’s Bay bus stop C -Charlie
  12. But the retirement of the hybrids is not just because of the LRT, and mainly is not. The batteries in the hybrids are reaching the end of their lives, and would need very expensive refurbishments, at a cost comporable to just buying new diesel busses. This is why the Hybrids are being retired. -Charlie
  13. To me personally, this is complete nonsense, in fact with even less of a chance and less of an in depth look of the system then MOOSE rail. He would cancel the Stage 2 of LRT, and make a whole boat load of other decisions which do not make any sense financially. Among them, cancel the retirement of the hybrids which shows me, again, he or the person who wrote it clearly does not understand why the city is getting rid of them, not to meantion the order has already been placed for the new busses. Here is an article detailing this whole attempt to grab some votes from unknowing voters: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ottawasun.com/news/local-news/reevely-if-ottawa-wants-a-big-shift-to-transit-clive-doucet-has-a-plan-for-it/wcm/75a9e122-53ff-4bc8-aea2-935062f4bfb3/amp -Charlie Side note, to add the ridiculousness of it, let me show you all a quote from the article: ”Doucet’s worried that the tunnel under downtown and the Rideau Canal will leak, that transfers will be inefficient, that the line won’t draw the riders it’s supposed to. But we should see within a couple of months of its opening — now due in November — whether we should press on.” (I put that part in bold, to maginify the absurdity of his “Transportation” policy. Let’s cancel a transport project a couple months away from opening, that certainly makes perfect sense!)
  14. That is not the case. They are passing out fare collectors but all or most stations are constantly staffed with at least several members of staff. Not sure what you are referring to by security guard, but the British Transport Police does not count as they roam the system, and are not tied down to certain stations except with exceptions like large events, or if it is a very large station. In fact, they have added many staff in stations (mainly busy core stations) to be platform staff, to send off trains and to make platform announcements from the platform. Also, most stations have a control room that is constantly staffed. Another example of a city that is hiring new platform staff is the NYC subway.
  15. I realize this is going off topic, but the the REM sort of count as commuter rail, purely for how long it is (67km, 26 Stations)?
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