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  1. It's been confirmed that the new batch has the same exact seats as the first batch. The padding remains almost non-existent.
  2. Yes, although only some. The delivery of these buses is quicker than usual because they need buses for R1 ASAP (they're being housed at a baseball stadium where they are literally idling until they're needed, officially went into R1 replacement service on Dec. 2) and because they need more buses in regular service. As for the buses assigned to R1, that will only be a temporary measure (until the LRT issues get sorted out) from what I'm hearing. They'll likely go into regular service eventually when the dedicated fleet for this service is no longer needed. I'm not sure if the seats are padded in this batch. I have not been on one yet so I cannot confirm.
  3. The following buses are for R1 service: 4683-4706 (except for 4686, 4688, 4704), 4712, 4714, 4715 4716-4773 will be in service as usual.
  4. Meant 4705, whoops. @Shane, what do you think of the situation? Do you think OC should have repurposed 20 of the ex-retired Inveros as R1 buses or should they use a portion of their new LFS order to serve that route? Personally, I am actually happy as that's 20 less LFSs in service. I just don't like them that much. It's also good for OC because they have brand new buses (that should be more reliable than old worn down Inveros) instead of using buses that are more likely to break down.
  5. Those 20 buses will have exterior advertisements promoting the R1 service as well as two huge stickers (one above the POP sticker at the rear door and one right above the Transecure sticker by the front door). 4704 is being dedicated to R1. 4716 is just a regular in-service bus.
  6. I'm still not a fan of Pimisi for some reason. I get that they wanted it to be a homage to Algonquin leaders because they had requested it, but Lebreton was a better name in my opinion. Parliament station I'm okay with.
  7. 4716 is now active. I've also been hearing on another forum that 20 buses will be dedicated specifically for the R1 service and will have decals specifying so.
  8. Some hybrids were at Thermo King when they were first received, as well as some of the 2009 D60LFs. I would assume they were all there for inspections (considering the sheer number of them) but they didn't really have anything to do with the HVAC systems. In this case, they were serving the same purpose as Greyhound Garage and City View*. City View is actually another garage that does pre-delivery inspections for OC buses. 4601-4682 were all there before coming to St. Laurent.
  9. True, but I should have been more specific. We used to have 2601 (as in the minibus retired in 2009) which was exclusively put on the 123. That bus was extremely unreliable as well so you'd often see conventional buses on that route. As soon as this bus was gone, there were other buses on this route but the route was still not accessible until 2011. As for the 117, it was never officially an accessible route before 2011. You'd often see a lot of high floors on that route. It was actually advantageous to have high floor buses on that route as high floors hold more capacity. Less than an artic but more than a low floor 40 foot bus. In fact, my profile photo (not my original image) is of 9312 doing a 117 Carleton.
  10. New list of buses wrapped in new livery as of now (2005-2009 second gens not included as all are in new livery except for 0510, 0801, and 0905): 0314-0328: 0328 0401-0417: 0406, 0412, 0417 0911-0925: 0911-0916, 0918-0921, 0923, 0925 1001-1027: 1002-1005, 1007-1010, 1012-1013, 1015-1021, 1023-1024, 1026-1027 1101-1107: 1103, 1106, 1107 1226-1233: 1226, 1228-1233
  11. A bunch of new Novas have been at Greyhound Garage, some of which have now moved to St. Laurent for delivery. 4601-4682 have all been active for a few months now. As of now, these following buses have arrived: 4683, 4684, 4685, 4687, 4689, 4690, 4691, 4692, 4693, 4694, 4695, 4696, 4697, 4698, 4699, 4700, 4701, 4702, 4703, 4705, 4706, 4712, 4714, 4715, 4716
  12. Thermo King is actually a HVAC manufacturer. They are responsible for fixing the HVAC systems on all OC buses since they all use systems from this company. They have a property where OC buses sometimes go for HVAC repairs. I'm not exactly sure where it's located. Jurassic Park is a bus storage lot specifically meant for retired or dead buses that aren't capable of being put in service. It's at St. Laurent garage. It got its nickname from the 1993 movie of the same name because the buses are said to be "ancient dinosaur buses". Eastway is a bus refurbishing facility located totally outside of Ottawa at 100 Crandall St. in Pembroke. They were the ones responsible for rebuilding some of our buses, such as Inveros. In the early 2000s, they were also responsible for rebuilding and repainting our old GM New Look buses. However, the D60LFs currently being refurbished are being done by OC Transpo themselves. By Greyhound, do you mean the Greyhound bus station (aka Ottawa Central Station)? It's located at 265 Catherine street. That's the main terminal for all Greyhound buses coming into or leaving Ottawa. OC Transpo's routes 14 and 55 also bring you there, although you have to walk for five minutes after getting off the bus. Edit: There's also Greyhound Maintenance Garage located at 2105 Bantree St. Their job is to conduct pre-delivery inspections of new buses coming to Ottawa, such as our new Nova LFSs being delivered for example. 11 of them were there the other day and just moved to St. Laurent.
  13. This is slightly old news but worth sharing. According to someone on the CPTDB forum (who is an OC Transpo operator), it is confirmed that OC Transpo is continuing to maintain the remaining hybrids and retirement will be postponed until further notice. If they were to retire the hybrids if the Nova LFSs come in, they'd still be short buses.
  14. This one will be short but it is interesting. As a result of an OC Transpo meeting in winter 1998, an A/C trial was conducted due to people complaining that they disabled the A/C on certain buses for no reason. 9111-9116 had their units reconnected and tested. Long story short, the trial was a flop due to all six buses having horrible A/C (except 9113 for some reason) and the cost of re-enabling A/C on these buses cost as much as installing A/C on the newest buses which happened to be the Orion Vs. For all we know, those six (plus possibly 9322) may have been the only Classics to have them re-enabled. Also as a result of this meeting, OC Transpo promised to retire every high floor bus (even the 1998 Orion Vs) before 2009 came, possibly due to having no A/C. They also said that the VIs would retire in 2011. These buses ended up getting extra time for some reason.
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