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  1. I found a city of Ottawa document with a transit bus inventory list as of Dec. 31, 2005 if anyone's interested. For Orion Vs, 26 out of 28 1992s remained active (9238 was one of the first retirements as I had suspected, not sure of the other one). There were 18 out of 25 1991 Vs active (four retired being 9134, 9137, 9138, 9144, not sure about the other three) It looks like they rapidly retired the 1991s because according to a post from April 2006 by user JCL on the CPTDB forum, 9126, 9128, 9143 were the only ones active. A few slight inaccuracies are present in the list. For example, the 1987 Classics had a bit more than only 14 active at the time. The 1981 New Looks definitely had 21 (not 20) active until April 1, 2006 (according to user ikarus3737 on the old CPTDB forum back in 2006). Also note that 8918's retirement (in Oct 2005) isn't taken into account (it should say 59 active instead of 60 active for the 1989 MCIs).
  2. Not able to find a photo, but I did find some more details about 4001. It's the only VI that originally didn't have A/C when production when finished (all future ones did). Instead, it was decided that all future 139 buses would have A/C due to a policy change at the time (around late 1998-early 1999) and 4001 was then retrofitted. It was too late to retrofit the Orion Vs by then as they were already finished and it would take major modifications. I don't even think the Sutrak A/C was still available by then, especially for Orion Vs (Our 1992 Vs were the only Orion Vs produced to ever have Sutrak A/C, OC Transpo specified it) 4001 also originally had one extra seat (34 compared to 33 back when it had the red seats) but it later became like the other VIs and lost the extra seat when it switched to blue seats.
  3. Also forgot to add that 9250 was also active as of May 21, 2006 but I do not have info on when it retired.
  4. There was a report on the old CPTDB of someone seeing an unrepainted Orion V in February 2006 (he didn't give a fleet number though), so we know that at least one survived until then. I'll give you retirement dates for some Orion Vs that I know of. I'm currently trying to track down the retirements in 2005 and early 2006 as I know what retired in May 2006 and on: 15 Orion V buses remaining in total as of May 21, 2006 (9126, 9128, 9233-9236, 9242, 9244, 9245, 9249, 9252, 9255-9258) 9242, 49, 55, 57 retired May 23, 2006 9233, 9234, 9258 were retired between April 2007 and June 2007. 9244 retired in July 2006. And of course, 9236 retired in July 2007. Not sure of exact retirement dates for 9235, 9245, 9252, or 9256. 9143 was retired sometime between April 18, 2006 and May 21, 2006. I'll make a later update when I get info for earlier retirements!
  5. 8546 stuck around until April 2007. You're correct about 8553! 8553 got a rebuild in early 2002, while 8546 got a full rebuild around late 2003 if I recall correctly! It wouldn't have made sense for it to retire in 2005 unless it got into a major enough accident. ?
  6. 6380, 6393, and 6402 are back in service. The list of all rebuilds to date is as follows: 6365, 6366, 6374, 6380, 6381, 6385, 6393, 6402
  7. Right now, 4683-4775 are all in service with the exception of 4736 which was delivered the other day.
  8. Anyone who's interested in seeing photos of our first six 2020 double deckers, head on over to @Shane's thread titled "Double Decker Bus Order" on the CPTDB forum. 8161-8166 are here (although not on OC premises) and they're in the new livery. Link to thread here: https://cptdb.ca/topic/19678-double-decker-bus-order/page/48/
  9. Nowhere else to post this but 19 new double deckers are coming to Ottawa soon. 8161-8164 are on their way to Ottawa right now and they were on highway 401 coming from the Greater Toronto Area, according to a Twitter post as well as another forum. I'm not sure what specs these have, but these most likely have the Cummins L9 engine instead of the ISL9s. I don't think they are going for a ZF transmission. These new buses will also be in the new livery.
  10. Looks like Jan 31 was not their last day. 9225 was spotted in service yesterday.
  11. Looks like OC are trying to get as many buses delivered as quickly as possible. By forgoing the padding on seats (which is really a minor issue at worst), Nova can likely get the buses done slightly faster and delivered to them more quickly. Looking back, November 27 to January 13 (today) and we have slightly more than 3/4 of the order in service already. 4734-4736, 4759, 4761, and 4763-4775 are the only ones not in service yet. In comparison, it took 4601-4682 four and a half months (April- late August 2019) to all enter service. That's not a bad guess considering OC had to consider putting 40 Inveros back into service PLUS loaning or buying buses from other cities at one point. Speaking of the Inveros, only 4277 has been put back into service. I don't really know the status of the other recently retired units. Edit: Did I really just say cuties instead of cities?? ?? Cuties they're not. Spelling error corrected.
  12. Remember that D40 I was talking about that was used in a mock trial in 2011? Here's the photo if anyone's interested: This photo came from the CPTDB forum by user OC Transpo 8238. You can see that 9215 is totally crushed and only the front end is present.
  13. Add 4746, 4748, 4750, 4751, 4752 to the above list for being active.
  14. List of all buses active: 4683-4724 (most in this range reserved for R1), 4727-4733, 4737-4745, 4747 The list of which buses are dedicated to R1 can be seen a few posts above.
  15. I will say that the Novas seem to be greatly improved over our 1997s, but that ZF transmission I'm just not really into yet. I'm still used to hearing an Allison transmission with the ISL/ISL9 engines in all OC buses. The new batch coming in right now don't have padded seats so I suspect OC Transpo have a reason for skimping... maybe they wanted to save money? It's not like they forgot since they seemed to be aware of it when the first batch came in.
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