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  1. Originally in the general OC Transpo thread but moving it over here so that I can make a list of STO LFSs in the new livery without having to use the other thread. 0914 and 1012 were the first two done, followed by 0923. 0916 already got the wrap a few years ago. As previously mentioned in the other thread, all second gen 0501-0910 LFSs are wrapped with the exception of 0511, 0801, and 0905. Contract is for 72 buses to be wrapped, most likely from 0911-0925, 1001-1027, 1101-1107, and 1227-1233. I suspect we will see 0401-0417 wrapped as well considering it adds up to 73 buses and I don't think STO will re-wrap all the 12xx-13xx artics (although could be possible). I really do not think 0201-0209, 0301-0313, or 0314-0328 will be wrapped.
  2. Mostly just structural repairs, refurbishment of seats, new paint, etc. I think the main two ways to identify a rebuilt D60LF would be shiny paint and dark blue seats (the fabric is brand new). That's pretty much it. These buses won't be getting LED lighting, passenger alarms, new American Seating Vision seats*, etc. They will stay completely stock. The only upgrade done to the D60LFs since 2008-2009 is the replacement of the Balios signs originally on the D60LFs with the Luminator Horizon signs, same as used on Inveroes and D60LFRs. 6358 was actually the first bus done and this project was done between April-June 2016. *There was actually a rumour on CPTDB back in 2012 that OC Transpo were going to upgrade the seats in 6351-6403 to those of the new D60LFRs. Someone on that board had said that they looked through a internal document from OC and it stated that the seat project was one of the things they were going to do at the time or sometime in the future. If true, I imagine that OC Transpo probably scrapped the project because of it being a waste of money when the original seats were perfectly fine.
  3. OC Transpo has been slowly refurbishing their older D60LFs since December 2017 with 6366 and 6381 being the first two. To date, only three have been completed, and two more are currently in the process of rebuild. 6365, 6366, 6381 have all completed rebuild at the moment. 6385 is still undergoing rebuild and has been out of service since December 2018. 6374 entered rebuild in May 2019. EDIT: Might as well post this here for now. Although not a D60LF, 6642 has also been refurbished for some reason.
  4. Might as well post an Invero rebuild list here while I'm at it for those of you not on CPTDB. List credit goes to Enviro_1203 on CPTDB although the list will be slightly modified to be more specific as to how many from each order got rebuilt. 4201-4273: 4203, 4221, 4226, 4241, 4242, 4248, 4257, 4260, 4264, 4265, 4270, 4273 Total: 12 4274-4309: 4288, 4291, 4297, 4298, 4304 Total: 6 4310-4439: 4312, 4320, 4329, 4332, 4333, 4335, 4336, 4340, 4342, 4343, 4345, 4347, 4351, 4358, 4359, 4366, 4370, 4384, 4391, 4393, 4397, 4401, 4402, 4404, 4406, 4409, 4410, 4411, 4412, 4419, 4422, 4423, 4426, 4428 Total: 34 4440-4526: 4441, 4442, 4460, 4471, 4478, 4480, 4487, 4495, 4514, 4521 Total: 10 62 combined in total. Only 31 unrefurbed 4201-4273 Inveroes are still in service out of 43 total currently in service including the 12 rebuilds. Better get pictures in while you can! This batch is getting wiped out relatively quickly so far. 22 unrebuilt 4274-4309 Inveros remain out of 27 units currently in service including the five rebuilds. Only 65 unrebuilt 4310-4439 Inveros remain (out of 99 units currently still in service including 34 rebuilds) at this point. This particular batch is also getting weeded out quickly. 67 unrebuilt 4440-4526 Inveros remain out of 77 units currently in service including the rebuilds. I suspect that the 4201-4273 batch will completely be knocked out (except for the 12 rebuilt units) come 2020 as well as the 4274-4309 batch (except for the eight rebuilt units). Edited to make simpler to understand.
  5. As of last Tuesday, 4671 and 4682 (last two LFSs standing) have entered service.
  6. This happened a while ago but I'll post it anyways. Best place to put it. For anyone who wants to know, a few artics caught fire back in late 2018 and were stored at the New Flyer Arnprior facility ever since. They're still there but with their OC Transpo logos covered in black paint as well as fleet numbers. 6390 is whole, but there are separate D60LFR front and rear trailers. 8038 is also sidelined there but is not retired. I do not know what exactly happened, but I assume it's being repaired. 8062 is also there waiting for a repair because it caught fire as well. As of July, these buses are deemed retired: 6390, 6405, 6677, 6685 The fire damage was deemed too severe to fix. There's actually a rumour going around that one D60LFR might be saved by combining the front trailer from either 6677 or 6685 and the rear from 6405. It might actually get a new fleet number of 6710 due to the new bus being basically two buses combined or it may just be 6405, 6677, or 6685.
  7. None at the moment have padded seats. All are from the first 4601-4682 batch. As I recall hearing from someone who works at OC Transpo, the next batch ordered (4683-4775) will most likely have padded seats. They are also slated to come starting in November. Note that the existing LFS will not be retrofitted with more seat padding unless either seats needs replacing or they undergo rebuild in the future.
  8. All LFS (from the 4601-4682 batch) are now in service with the exception of 4671 and 4682. 80 Inveros have also been retired to date as these LFSs are their replacements. Edited to make it clearer.
  9. That's a tough one. They didn't have any first gens. All second gens have ramps but they are disabled due to being unreliable. The actual buses themselves are as reliable as the third gens otherwise from what I heard. The third gens had ramps that were fixed so I say that those were the most reliable. However, in Quebec, I am pretty sure there's no law stating a bus has to be accessible so it's a reliability issue with the second gens but doesn't affect the STO in any way.
  10. A bit short but I'll post these anyway: 9301 was actually the second NovaBus Classic ever produced (first was STM 12-099, a NovaBus prototype) as evidenced by its VIN number. 9301 was the next bus to be built right after that STM bus was completed. 9301-9330 also happened to be the first production order ever completed by NovaBus as a whole. As for quality, they did have slight issues (namely rusting by 2005!) as they were the first batch produced. AFAIK, five were fully rebuilt in late 2005-early 2006, and even then, 9310 and 9321 started showing signs of rust as soon as two years after rebuild! 4079 was actually the only Orion VI to remain its maple leaf on the front up until retirement in 2013. By 2001-2006, most other Orion VIs got the maple leaf logo exchanged for the Ottawa O logo.
  11. I think these buses were certainly questionable. I had always questioned why OC Transpo decided to go with the first generation LFS (which was unreliable) rather than trying to phase in accessibility with proved buses such as either 20 more Orion Vs or 1997 NovaBus Classics (both with wheelchair lifts). However, as it turned out, these weren't so bad compared to STM's 1996-2000 LFSs which were simply horrible.
  12. Since this is the only bus model missing from the historical posts on here, I thought I create one for the 1991-1992 Orion Vs even though I did not ride any. However, the riding experience section will be slightly modified. It is purely based off other people's opinions as I cannot personally comment on it. Livery: These Orion Vs originally came in the red stripe livery. I personally was okay with it although the Maple Leaf livery was much better as it mode them look more modern instead of dated. These buses got repainted onto the new livery very early on, starting with 9133 around April 2000 or so. Aesthetics: The Orion Vs looked better than the D40s, especially the 1992 series. The 1991s had rear air conditioning which looked odd on an Orion V. I had gotten so used to seeing Orion Vs with full rear windows. Powertrain: These buses came with a 253HP 6V92TA engine and four speed Allison HTB-748 transmission. From what I recall reading on the old CPTDB forums, they were slower than the later 1997-1998 Orion Vs. The 6V92TA/HTB-748 combo did not sound bad at all but my preference simply veered towards the 6V92TA/VR731 used in the D40s because they simply sounded better to me. Riding experience: From what other people mentioned, they said that these Orion Vs were simply a pleasure to ride and were better than the 1997-1998 ones because the seats were still the older pink vinyl type. Known issues: These buses were heavily used between 1992-1998 because of no new buses being purchased due to a financial crisis. Because of that, they were in bad shape and they had to be rebuilt in 1998-2000. They were the first buses to be rebuilt, followed by the D40s and newer 1989-1993 Classics a few years later (although six GMs were rebuilt as well). By 2004-2005, these buses had been showing signs of heavy rust, most noticeable on the sides right beside where the ads were placed. Retirements: (Following info comes from CPTDB post in May 2005): In May 2005, the transit maintenance division of OC Transpo had to pass out a memo to OC Transpo mechanics saying that the 1991-1992 Orion Vs were suffering serious corrosion issues and it was not limited to just OC Transpo's Vs. If a mechanic saw that a bus had corrosion issues, it would be retired. Retirements had already started a few months back in February 2005 with 9144, 9134 gone due to engine fires. 9137-9138 were retired in May 2005, around the time of this memo. From then on, these buses were gradually retired until mid 2007 with 9126 (only 1991 V active as of December 2006) lasting until April 2007 and 9236 lasting until July 2007.
  13. Those were ex-TTC 1959-1960 fishbowls. brought in 1979. They were quickly retired in 1981 so they didn't last long at OC.
  14. The LFS was always an oddball in OC Transpo's fleet. Some of you may hate this bus or say that they were decent. I personally disliked them. I just found them very average and they had nothing special. These buses were the first low floor buses ever sent to OC Transpo and were also the first to use the KFC stripe livery along with the 97xx Orion Vs. Powertrain: These buses came with a 250hp Cummins C8.3 engine with a ZF 5HP500. In terms of sound, they weren't the best but they did not sound horrible. However, the powertrain was bulletproof according to some mechanics at OC Transpo so it did have something going for it. Aesthestics: In terms of looks, they were okay, but the rear end looked very dated, especially after getting used to seeing the second gen-fourth gen STO LFS buses. The KFC livery looks great on them (but was questionable on the later Orion Vs). It's a good thing they weren't repainted into the maple leaf livery as I don't like the look of the new 2019 LFSs in the maple leaf livery. Riding experience: I've gotten a chance to ride them and they were below average. The seats had no padding and there was no A/C on these buses. The LFSs were decent but they were nothing to ride home about. These buses came with sliding windows which were a great help but A/C would have been nice. The rear doors were odd in that you needed to wave your hand over a light beam in order to open the door. These were often defective and you were left waving your hand several times in hopes of getting the doors to finally open. People getting off the bus were often not sure how to open the doors since the LFSs were the only buses to have had doors that were opened by waving. Reliability: These buses were okay in terms of reliability but definitely had some flaws. The sliding out ramps originally in these buses from 1997-2002 were very troublesome and these got switched for flip-out ramps (same type as those used on all other low floor OC Transpo buses). The flip out ramps were much more reliable. Retirements: These buses had the quickest retirement in terms of span. These buses all got pulled off the road at once in July 2011 and were all kept at Pinecrest Garage until November 2011.The reason for retirement was no A/C and standardization of bus fleet to only five bus models (Invero, D60LF, D60LFR, Orion VI, and the 1201-1203 double deckers) In 2012, they started being sold off to either Saskatoon Transit, Guelph Transit, or MTB Transit Solutions (repair and refurbishing facility). As far as I know, they have all been retired now.
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