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On 9/9/2018 at 6:34 PM, Rob said:

I'm just happy there will be a more pleasant connection to the airport. I've always taken a taxi to go, but with the train, it might be an appealing option. Smoother and more reliable. I read it would be located on the second level, but it's not clear if it would connect to the parking garage and then people could take the walkway, or it would connect directly to the terminal. Or if the terminal would be expanded slightly to take in the train. Either way a structure would have to be built if it ends on the second level.

Any ideas?

The last I heard when consulting with the project planners and designers was that it would be at the terminal's second-level, north of the parking garage and north of the vehicle ramp to the departures level. There would be an enclosed pedestrian walkway from the elevated station to the airport terminal second floor. I believe there is rental car parking or something in that area currently but that's where the elevated station will be.

The original plan was to have it be between the terminal and parking but after consultations with he public that plan has apparently changed as the new location is more convenient and safer for passengers plus it would be cheaper to build.

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That's some great info Mike, thanks. With a positioning like that, it will better serve both departures and arrivals, connecting to the terminal near the stairs and escalators as well as the elevators.

Interesting to note that the airport announced in the past week or so some renovations to the main common areas (food and beverage services). These changes will affect both the public area and after passing through security. The main security screening point (currently located on Level 2) will move to Level 3  around the current location of the Rideau Bar and Grill and the Harveys. 

Lots of changes, including in the arrivals area and baggage pickup. They say these changes should be completed sometime in 2020.

More details here: https://yow.ca/en/corporate/concessions/concessions-modernization-plan

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There has been rail maintenance equipment on the tracks near the level crossing on Lester (By the NRC spur and the airport) for at least two weeks. Since the Trillium line will we extended along these tracks I am presuming it must be for some sort of prep work but it could also be for the NRC. Does anyone know?

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