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1991-1992 : Orion V

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Since this is the only bus model missing from the historical posts on here, I thought I create one for the 1991-1992 Orion Vs even though I did not ride any. However, the riding experience section will be slightly modified. It is purely based off other people's opinions as I cannot personally comment on it.

Livery: These Orion Vs originally came in the red stripe livery. I personally was okay with it although the Maple Leaf livery was much better as it mode them look more modern instead of dated. These buses got repainted onto the new livery very early on, starting with 9133 around April 2000 or so.

Aesthetics: The Orion Vs looked better than the D40s, especially the 1992 series. The 1991s had rear air conditioning which looked odd on an Orion V. I had gotten so used to seeing Orion Vs with full rear windows. 

Powertrain: These buses came with a 253HP 6V92TA engine and four speed Allison HTB-748 transmission. From what I recall reading on the old CPTDB forums, they were slower than the later 1997-1998 Orion Vs. The 6V92TA/HTB-748 combo did not sound bad at all but my preference simply veered towards the 6V92TA/VR731 used in the D40s because they simply sounded better to me.

Riding experience: From what other people mentioned, they said that these Orion Vs were simply a pleasure to ride and were better than the 1997-1998 ones because the seats were still the older pink vinyl type. 

Known issues: These buses were heavily used between 1992-1998 because of no new buses being purchased due to a financial crisis. Because of that, they were in bad shape and they had to be rebuilt in 1998-2000. They were the first buses to be rebuilt, followed by the D40s and newer 1989-1993 Classics a few years later (although six GMs were rebuilt as well). By 2004-2005, these buses had been showing signs of heavy rust, most noticeable on the sides right beside where the ads were placed.


(Following info comes from CPTDB post in May 2005):

In May 2005, the transit maintenance division of OC Transpo had to pass out a memo to OC Transpo mechanics saying that the 1991-1992 Orion Vs were suffering serious corrosion issues and it was not limited to just OC Transpo's Vs. If a mechanic saw that a bus had corrosion issues, it would be retired. Retirements had already started a few months back in February 2005 with 9144, 9134 gone due to engine fires. 9137-9138 were retired in May 2005, around the time of this memo. From then on, these buses were gradually retired until mid 2007 with 9126 (only 1991 V active as of December 2006) lasting until April 2007 and 9236 lasting until July 2007.

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