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Revenue Service Availability date for Confederation Line

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We are now:
Projected Revenue Service Availability in 4 days 2 hours 52 minutes 55 seconds

To me, I have seen (and I am sure many of you have as well ) discussions in which it was determined that Substantial Completion wouldn't be achieved and yet 1-2 days later it was confirmed by both the City and Independent Certifier. I am hopeful.

The city has made it clear that no updates would be provided until the test phase is completed. While I don't think we will need to wait for FEDCO in September, the date of August 16th is the current RSA and RTG will be penalized if they miss it. As has been the case before, the city has released memos when such an event occurs. If they do not make August 16th, we will very likely hear about it on August 16th or very shortly after.

RTG set the new RSA date back on June 18th. Alstom had promised the trains would be 'finished' by July 7th, which the city later confirmed took place. Alot of final milestones are being met, lets hope the big one regarding the 12 day test is as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you think RSA will be achieved by August 16th. While there are certainly lots of rumours and news against it happening by that date, many do suggest it wouldn't be far off if they miss, saying by end of the month...

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I am quite sceptic of them achieving RSA by then. Passing the 12 days doesn't automatically get them to RSA, and unless everything has been going fault-free since the 4th (which reports tend to suggest is not the case), Friday seems quite optimistic.

When announced, the timeline was already quite aggressive, and left little to no margin for error. I still believe RSA is going to be before the end of August, though not the actual RSA they submitted.

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I want all the rumors to be wrong, I want the RSA on Friday to be met and us riding by mid September. However deep down I don't think it will happen.

My new predictions,

 RSA and hand over to the City September 6th.

Open to the public on either September 30th or October 7th. 

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A good article by Blair Crawford of the Ottawa Citizen today on the current status of the LRT, after speaking to Mayor Jim Watson. No update on how things are going but the mayor reiterated his confidence of receiving the system this month, and passengers riding the rails in September.



“I get briefed every couple of days on it so I have another briefing on it tomorrow (Friday),” Watson said. “If there’s any news that we have to report out, we’ll report it tomorrow.


“The moment we have the testing complete, the very next day, if it doesn’t fall on a Saturday or a Sunday, we will have a technical briefing that will answer all the questions about the testing and the specific date for when people will ride the rails and the specific date for the official launch.”

So from these details, it would seem like things will move fast as far as getting information out once the testing is completed and RSA is achieved.

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