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Has anyone else noticed that they seem to have given up updating the construction status map on the official website? (https://www.ligneconfederationline.ca)

They used to have a couple of bit green as they completed them. I assumed the plan was to show competed progress but now everything is yellow like it's all still under construction.

I've taken the liberty of photoshopping it to look how it should be now...

LRT Status Board.png

LRT Status Board should look like.jpg

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Very true, the map was changing to Green for completed sections. Not sure why that ended at some point in the past. You'd think they would be happy to share when areas are completed.

I believe there was also a legend underneath in the past, green -completed, yellow -in progress, and grey (can't remember what that was used for).

Overall there are alot of sections on that site that have changed or not been maintained or updated.

For example for Blair, https://www.ligneconfederationline.ca/the-build/blair/overview/, it still shows a completion date of Fall 2017. The more detailed interior concept pictures are only available in the thumbnails but in the actual gallery they have been removed. Now it mainly shows construction pictures, from a year or two ago.

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Yeah, the only thing they seem to do reliably is the weekly construction updates, and yes they used to have a legend. I guess the stations and stuff weren't completed as definitively as they would have hoped? It's unfortunate, I would have liked to see the progress as things switched over to green.

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Well it could be because that they only ever had 2 things in green, the 417 widening and the Scott/Albert bus detour. In fact, Belfast was never green, however if they had chosen to put it in green since it had been completed, it be yellow again now because it has gone under construction once again.

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