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Trains During Winter Operation

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Was talking with a friend about this a few days ago and I was curious. How do operations continue and maintain consistent service during big snowfalls? Are the rails plowed with a special vehicle or do the trains just run often and keep the train clear?  What about the switching systems?

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OC Transpo does have a rail plow/blower for the Confederation line, i remember seeing a tweet about it last winter. And i do believe it'll be a mix of those. Running trains to keep tracks clear (especially during ice storms) and for quick build ups or if they need to stop, and there's build up bring out the rail machine. I know there are parts of the tracks that are heated (like platforms) so i wouldn't be surprised if the switches have heating systems to avoid freezing.

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Good Day.

See my post on 2018 October 20 in the - Adapting with the Climate - thread. several posts and pics discussing this, from the FEDCO updates in early 2018.

@ corynv ... yes, absolutely correct. And yes, switches especially HAVE to be kept clear, and so are and will be maintained by heaters, and actual physical maintenance as necessary (picks, shovels, and hot flamers). You can see the effect the heaters have had on a switch in one of the pics.


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