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Station Layout Map (Source: OC Transpo)

Bayview Station is one of the 5 original O-Train stations in Ottawa. Opened on October 15, 2001 with the initial network, this station is located to the West of LeBreton Flats in Ottawa.

This station's original purpose was that of a transfer station, connecting the bus rapid transit (Transitway) to the O-Train. The arrival of the Confederation Line transforms Bayview into the only interchange station on the O-Train network, allowing transfers between both main O-Train lines. With new developments coming to this area, this station will also serve new office, commercial and residential projects, some of which will include the tallest buildings in the city.

Bayview Station is located along Albert Street, between Bayview Road & City Centre Avenue. It is also in close proximity to the Ottawa River Pathway, as well as the Trillium Pathway that passes through the station and continues to Carling.

The station's layout in its current form is temporary, necessitated by the construction of the future Bayview Station, located approximately 50 metres to the North of the current platform, and will remain until the opening of the Confederation Line and the new station. In its current layout, the station is accessed from both sides of the Albert Street overpass by connecting pathways that loop around and underneath to reach the O-Train platform. The configuration of the detour loop affords passengers several opportunities to see the new Bayview Station during several stages of construction. There are no fare gates installed at the temporary station, but in their place, green Presto validators and a ticket machine are used to operate a proof of payment system. The platform is located just beyond, complete with shelters and benches.

Once construction is completed, the station will relocate to its original location and be made up of two levels. The upper level will host the Confederation Line and the lower level the Trillium Line. Moving from one level to another will be made possible thanks to escalators, elevators and stairs. This will mark an improvement over the old Bayview Station whereby transferring from bus to train involved a short walk. The new station will integrate fare gates into its layout and allow seamless transfers from one line to another, once inside the fare paid area.

The new station will also contain some public art on display, one of which can be seen in the photos below.

This article on Bayview Station will be updated once the Confederation Line opens and the new station is active.

The temporary Bayview Station. In the foreground are the green Presto card validators and the red ticket machine.
The temporary platform.
The Northern end of the temporary platform. Beyond lies the future station, still under construction.
The O-Train arriving at the temporary Bayview Station platform.

The following pictures show the still under construction future Bayview Station, which will enter service with the Confederation Line, planned for November 2018. At that time, the temporary station and platform described above will be decommissioned.

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- JBTrain on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 10:05

Can anyone explain the pedestrian walkway that will be added for Stage 2? Not quite sure I get the layout.

Can anyone explain the pedestrian walkway that will be added for Stage 2? Not quite sure I get the layout.
Monday, July 22, 2019