FEDCO Committee briefed on Confederation Line construction progress

Finance and Economic Development Committee members were briefed today on the progress of construction of the Confederation Line. The above video was released, featuring a ride on a train from end to end (Blair to Tunney's Pasture).

City staff provided a project update with respect to key milestones achieved, notably concerning testing and commissioning. Trains are running in test mode from Tunney's Pasture to Blair stations and have successfully completed tests to confirm end-to-end travel times. East end stations (uOttawa, Lees, Hurdman, Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville, Blair) are nearing completion.

Across the system, fare gates and fare-vending machines are being installed, and testing and commissioning is underway. The City continues to prepare for the opening of the Confederation Line, including completing an emergency training exercise for first responders in the tunnel, simulation of peak period bus-to-rail operations at Hurdman Station and ongoing training of rail operators, maintenance and controller staff.

A new date has not been set however they are still saying Q1 2019. Mayor Jim Watson has also tweeted that the line would be open by end of March 2019. Important to note that in the contract, RTG have 60 days from the last deadline of November 2nd to set a new Revenue Service Availability date. This places it by January 2nd. They also must give 30 days notice before the RSA date (in other words, they can't announce on November 29 for example that the new RSA is November 30th). With these facts in mind, we should know a new RSA date by January 2nd or earlier. The city has also said that they would need approximately 10 days after RSA to complete training and their own testing and preparation before the public can ride.

Here are some key points from the briefing:

Key Milestones

  • Trains are running in test mode from Tunney's Pasture to Blair Stations;
  • Successfully completed the Tunney's Pasture to Blair Station Line Speed test:
    • Confirms end-to-end travel time is achievable;
    • Confirms station dwell times (doors open/close at stations);
    • Achieved top speed of 83 km/hr; and,
    • Full CBTC mode (Automatic Train Mode).
  • East end stations (uOttawa, Lees, Hurdman, Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville, Blair) are all substantially complete; Occupancy Permit inspections are nearing completion;
  • All fare gates and fare vending machines have been installed. Testing & Commissioning is underway;
  • SCADA software installed in Transit Operations Control Room with Testing & Commissioning underway;
  • RTG is planning to commence a system-wide Practice Plan in November. This will involve the system fleet running from Tunney's to Blair;
  • Successfully completed train handover testing for deploying trains from MSF to main line.This demonstrates train launching manoeuvers for morning service deployment.

​Source : City of Ottawa

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