Confederation Line & Stage 2 LRT Update - FEDCO - December 3, 2019

The Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) received a status update on the O-Train Confederation Line project as well as Stage 2 LRT.

--Press Release--

The Committee received updates on the Stage 1 and Stage 2 light rail transit projects. Progress has been made on various technical and system-related communications issues on O-Train Line 1. Due to poor performance by Rideau Transit Group, the City intends to exercise some of its rights under the project agreement to improve service reliability for customers. In the interim, the City is taking steps to enhance service and increase capacity. Forty additional buses have been added, with 19 more to be added in January 2020. Twenty buses are now dedicated for R1 replacement services during peak times.

Construction work is progressing on all three Stage 2 extensions. Work is underway on station and vehicle design, roadway drainage, and bridge and pedestrian overpasses. Tree clearing along the Trillium Line, ongoing work on highway 174, and utility relocation work within the west extension project limits will take place early next year.

The Committee received an interim report on properties acquired for Stage 1 of the light rail transit project. A final report will be tabled at the Committee once the remaining transactions have closed.

Source : City of Ottawa

The audio recording of the portion of the committee meeting dealing with the Confederation Line and Stage 2 LRT updates.

FEDCO Committee Meeting - December 3, 2019.mp3

The presentation slideshow of the Confederation Line update.

The presentation slideshow of the Stage 2 LRT update.

Progress Video on the Trillium South Extension

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