Confederation Line & Stage 2 LRT Update - FEDCO - September 10, 2019

The committee received a status update on the O-Train Confederation Line project as well as Stage 2 LRT.

Nearly a decade of planning, consulting, designing, constructing, and testing will become a reality when the Confederation Line opens to the public this Saturday, September 14 at 2 pm. The Committee received an update on the launch of the Stage 1 Confederation Line, including details about the public opening, and a recap of the drills that have taken place in preparation for the launch. Staff also highlighted the many customer service initiatives and supports that will be in place when OC Transpo adjusts and expands its bus service following the launch of the Confederation Line.

Progress is being made on each extension of the O-Train Stage 2 light rail project. Work including borehole drilling, top soil stripping, site office set-up, utility relocation, pre-construction surveys, and tree clearing are currently underway. Staff also provided an update on work happening this fall, including drilling at future Trillium Line rail bridges, the widening of highway 174, and tree clearing along the Confederation Line East and West extensions.

Source : City of Ottawa

The audio recording of the portion of the committee meeting dealing with the Confederation Line and Stage 2 LRT updates.

FEDCO - September 10, 2019.mp3

The presentation slideshow of the Confederation Line update.

The presentation slideshow of the Stage 2 LRT update.

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