Confederation Line aiming to open in September 2019

Today, Mayor Jim Watson and senior city staff, met with the CEO of Alstom (Henri Poupart-Lafarge) and the CEO of Rideau Transit Group (Peter Lauch) to discuss the current status of the Confederation Line. 

After the meeting, the Mayor shared the good news that Alstom will have the trains completed by July 7th. RTG will then be able to handover the system to the city on the 2nd or 3rd week of August. Following this, OC Transpo will require approximately 4 weeks to finalize training and preparations before the line opens to passengers in September 2019.

The next Confederation Line update will take place at FEDCO on July 10th at 9:30am.

O-Train Fans have visited all 13 of the stations over the past 2 weeks now that they are all completed. We invite you to view our most recent snapshot updates and videos, in which you can discover all 13 stations and see plenty of trains in action.

Snapshot of Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman - May 31, 2019

Taking a look at Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line in Ottawa, Ontario. With plenty of Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life. This video was filmed entirely on May 31st, 2019. Blair Station  The LRT station integrated into the existing Blair Station. Local bus platforms below, with direct access to the LRT platforms above. LRV 1131 parked at Blair Station. Looking inside the station, you can see the repurposed pedestrian overpass from the original station design. The walkway allows access from the overpass that crosses highway 174. It also connects to the second half of the station with the bus platforms. An entrance to the LRT station connects mid-way across to the right. Looking towards the present eastern terminus of the Confederation Line. The highway 174 pedestrian overpass. Great views looking down towards the LRT platforms, and the public art that is installed in the station. Small coloured glass that move and reflect light with the passage of the trains. Another look at the local bus platforms. Bike racks and shelter. Cyrville Station  Cyrville Station, looking eastbound. Fare vending machines at the entrance. Fare gates, beyond which the stairs and elevators that give access to the train platform. The second station entrance. Looking westbound at the tracks to St. Laurent Station. Another angle in the same direction. Notice the TPSS (Traction Power Sub Station) in grey to the right. The TPSS converts the local power to the necessary voltage (1500 volts) for the trains to operate. Looking inside the second entrance of Cyrville. Interestingly, the fare gates for this entrance are located below, at platform level. St. Laurent Station  St. Laurent Station interior mall entrance. Looking across the walkways towards the eastbound platform. Notice the LRV leaving the station heading towards Cyrville. Tremblay Station  Tremblay Station, located just steps from the ViaRail station. The public art installation of Tremblay Station. The art is quite detailed and elaborate. It is essentially sheet metal that has nature motifs cut out and hanging. The glass canopy shines through the openings. Looks amazing!!! Looking inside the station. The faregates and beyond the elevators to the westbound platform. Fare vending machines. Looking towards the platforms. The elevators to the eastbound platform are not visible in this photo but are immediately to the left. Outside the station, looking westbound. The platforms as seen from the multi-use pathway. Tremblay Station with Via Rail to the left. Hurdman Station  The station will be a fare-paid zone. As a result, the wood fence separates it from the entrance area for local residents. The station entrance, with the multi-use pathway connecting beyond the entrance tunnel. Reverse angle of the same area. The station entrance is to the right behind the Hurdman station lantern. Looking inside the entrance, you can find the fare gates. The fare vending machines to the right. Elevators. On both sides. Stairs and escalators. One of the gates to connect from the LRT to the bus lines. The Confederation Line platforms are located above. Additional stairs at the far ends of the platforms. The overhead guideway of the Confederation Line. It will no doubt remind many of the Walt Disney World Monorail system. The guideway continuing towards Lees Station, while passing over the Rideau River. The multi-use pathway continues from Hurdman to Lees and beyond. Looking back towards Hurdman Station. Another look inside, seeing the elevators, stairs and escalators. The overhead wayfinding signage is easily seen and followed. The bus platforms below and the Confederation Line above. Panoramic view of Hurdman Station. The bus platforms are to the far left. The Kiss-and-Ride area, for pick up and drop off.

Snapshot for Lees, uOttawa and Rideau - June 9, 2019

Lees Station  The crossing over the Rideau River, between Hurdman in the distance and Lees. The multi-use pathway is located just to the side of the tracks on the bridge. Lees Station entrance and fare vending machines. Fare gates and elevators to the platforms. Looking in through the glass, you can see the stairs and the lower platform level. The platforms and next train signs. Looking towards the station from Lees Avenue overpass. The multi-use pathway is to the right of the station, and continues to uOttawa. Looking in the direction of Hurdman. The platforms. The multi-use pathway runs along side the station. The public art of the station takes form in the glass panel wall of the fare paid zone on the platforms. The art can be enjoyed from both sides. Looking in towards the platforms. uOttawa Station  uOttawa Station, with the westbound platform direct entrance above, and the main entrances below in the multi-use pathway tunnel. The entrance shown is the westbound platform direct entrance. To go eastbound (or also westbound), the entrance below in the tunnel is to be used. Looking eastward. The bike racks with overhead canopy. The multi-use pathway, and the main entrance of the station, inside and to the left. Fare vending machines and the station main entrance. Fare gates. The multi-use pathway and access to the Rideau Canal. Rideau Station  Rideau Station lollistop marker, near the corner of Sussex and Rideau. Rideau Station entrance to the left, CF Rideau Centre to the right. The interior Rideau Centre entrance to the station, located between Shoppers Drug Mart and Farm Boy. Interior mall accessible entrance (elevators) to Rideau Station, located next to EBX and across from Tim Hortons. The Rideau Station secondary entrance, located below Scotiabank on William Street on the edge of the Byward Market.

Snapshot for Parliament, Lyon, Pimisi, Bayview and Tunney's Pasture - June 13, 2019

Parliament Station  The Parliament Station accessible entrance (elevators only), located at the corner of Queen and O'Connor. Public Transit Regulations and Rules. The entrance as seen from across the street. O-Train lollistop marker. Integrated entrance at corner of O'Connor and Queen. The ongoing work is related to renovations of the Heritage Building, 155 Queen, and not the station. Station marker outside the Sunlife Financial Centre Looking into the station building, you can see the escalator and stairs heading down towards the mezzanine. The far doors connect to the SLFC. Looking down into the station. The entrance integrated into the SLFC atrium. Lyon Station Integrated entrance to Lyon Station from the Podium Building. Interior entrance from the underground concourse of Place de Ville. The entrance is in the form of a ramp that makes you walk around... And through another set of doors to reach the station. The station entrance at the corner of Lyon and Queen. The surrounding area has been cleared for new developments, specifically the Claridge Moon project, which will see towers rise over the station. Looking into the station entrance building from the main doors. And the escalators and stairs. Another angle , this time showing the top of the escalator and the elevators. Pimisi Station  Main entrance of the station. The station entrance with fare gates and fare vending machines. And immediately to the right, stairs and elevator to access the multi-use pathway located below. Fare gates and the eastbound platform below in the distance. Eastbound on the left, and Westbound on the right. Easily accessible from the centre platform of the station. Notice the incredible artwork mounted from the ceiling at platform level. The secondary entrance located across the street. The secondary entrance, with fare gates and fare vending machines. The Pimisi Owl, no doubt to scare of troublesome birds. Fare gates at this entrance. The bus shelters of Pimisi Station. Bright, clean and spacious. The station platform for the eastbound line. Train arriving, heading towards Blair Station in the east. View from the opposite side, showing the multi-use pathway, and the station plaza area. Public art,
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