Confederation Line Update - FEDCO - July 10, 2019

The committee received a status update on the O-Train Confederation Line project.

Committee receives proposed timeline for start of Confederation Line service. Progress is being made with fleet availability and testing of trains along the alignment. Rideau Transit Group is submitting a second substantial completion notice within the next 10 days and has proposed a revenue service availability date of August 16, 2019. If this date is achieved, the City expects the O-Train Confederation Line will open in September 2019. The City continues to monitor critical elements of the testing and commissioning program.

Here are some key points from today’s presentation. 

Substantial Completion

• RTG is submitting their Substantial Completion notice within the next 10 days;
• Contingent on the timing of receipt of Substantial Completion notice, the City expects to provide an opinion that RTG has achieved Substantial Completion; and,
• It is expected that the Independent Certifier will issue a Substantial Completion certificate shortly after the City provides a positive opinion on Substantial Completion.

Fleet Readiness:

‒ Alstom has met their commitment of completing the rail vehicles by July 7, 2019.

Train Control Systems:

‒ Updated Thales train control software deployed on the system on July 8, 2019; and,
‒ Minor final software upgrades and final safety certificate of software is expected to be completed on Friday July 12, 2019.

System Assurance:

‒ Safety certificates for Trial Running provided by RTG's systems assurance team.

Double Train Operation:

‒ Service level requirement of double car operation has been demonstrated with 10 double trains. RTG will be running 15 double trains during the week of July 15.

Source : City of Ottawa

The audio recording of the portion of the committee meeting dealing with the Confederation Line update.

FEDCO - Confederation Line Update - July 10, 2019.mp3

The presentation slideshow of the Confederation Line update.

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