Letter to the City Manager from the Mayor : Clarification regarding payments made to RTG

The City of Ottawa media relations has just released a letter from the Mayor to the City Manager, that was also sent to City Council and the Transit Commission. 
Source : City of Ottawa.

Mr. Kanellakos,

As you know, there has been some confusion recently around payments made and owing to RTG by the City of Ottawa.

To ensure that all Members of Council and the Transit Commission are updated on this issue on a timely basis, I would ask that you provide an update on payments made to RTG on a quarterly basis as part of the Quarterly Confederation Line update.

Also, I would ask that you provide Members of Council and the Transit Commission with a comprehensive overview of the City's rationale for providing payments to RTG in both August and September of 2019. It would be beneficial for Members and Commissioners to have a clear understanding of what in the Project Agreement made these payments necessary. This comprehensive update should be provided to Members of Council and of the Transit Commission before the end of the week.


Jim Watson
City of Ottawa

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