Memo: Achievement of the Revenue Service Availability for the O-Train Confederation Line

The City of Ottawa media relations has just released the following memo regarding RSA.

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise Mayor and Members of Council that the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) has achieved Revenue Service Availability for the O-Train Confederation Line.

Rideau Transit Group (RTG) submitted their notice for the Revenue Service Availability (RSA) milestone on August 30, 2019, which includes the required verification by the City's Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) that compliance with safety requirements for the RSA milestone has been met.

Following receipt of the RSA notice, the City issued an opinion to the Independent Certifier indicating that requirements of this milestone have been achieved. Pending completion of final open items and documentation that the City requires just prior to public launch, any remaining work will be tracked as minor deficiencies for completion within six months. A further follow up on procedures and documentation will be completed by the ISA as the final step in their safety verification just prior to public service.

The Independent Certifier reviewed RTG's notice and the City's opinion this weekend and certified that the requirements for the Revenue Service Availability milestone were achieved as of August 30, 2019.

As announced by Mayor Watson last week, the service launch date for the public is Saturday, September 14, 2019. Staff continue to undertake the operational readiness activities required to ensure that the Confederation Line seamlessly integrates into the OC Transpo network prior to opening day, including additional City-led system practice, simulated system operations and staff training.

We are looking forward to launching the system to our City. Our priority remains to provide Ottawa with a safe, reliable and world-class transit system and to protect the interests of Ottawa residents and transit users.

​Source : City of Ottawa

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