Memo: Network Service Change Operational Update - Monday PM Peak

The following memo was released to media by the City of Ottawa for the PM Peak service on October 7, 2019.

Source : City of Ottawa


The afternoon operations of the multi modal system ran well. Customers continue to make adjustments to their commutes and are transitioning through the system. Here is a summary of this afternoon`s rush hour service:

  • Rail service on the LRT ran well with no major interruptions. One train was replaced using the spare train with minimal impact and delays just before rush hour
  • Customers are adjusting to the service and it was obvious that first time users of the system were learning their way around stations, fare gates loading/unloading etc
  • Comments about "full" trains relate to customers wanting to stay close to doors and not utilize some of the space available within the rail cars. Staff are reminding everyone to use all 14 doors, spread out throughout the train etc
  • Relating to bus service, we are seeing customers adjusting, some running to bus stops and some jockeying associated with bus loading and wanting to secure a seat at the major transfer stations. We are assisting with this and monitoring as the customers get accustomed to the new stops etc
  • Normal customer volumes to call center and OC

Day two of the changes will be closely monitored by the team.

John Manconi

General Manager, Transportation Services Department

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