Memo: Network Service Change Operational Update - Oct 7 - Monday AM Peak

The following memo was released to media by the City of Ottawa for the AM Peak service on October 7, 2019.

Source : City of Ottawa


OC Transpo completed the largest service change in Ottawa's history. Parallel bus service has ended, and the transit network is now aligned to take full advantage of the capacity and reliability of the Confederation Line system.

On this first day of the biggest change in our transit history, our multimodal service ran very well, and all modes of operation and our customers are adapting to the new system. Below is a summary of this morning's rush hour commute:

  • No train breakdowns or issues other than one minor 2-minute delay at 5am this morning that was quickly resolved;
  • Customers are commenting how occupied some of the trains were which is part of the adjustment;
  • Platforms were also busy, but cleared out as trains arrived with a few customers deciding to catch the next train;
  • The next bus arrival system experienced an interruption for a short period of time this morning;
  • There were no issues with fare gates or fare vending machines;
  • No major issues with escalators or elevators;
  • Non-transit traffic moved well through the core as most buses are no longer going through the core and detours are being removed; and,
  • Bus service overall ran well with no major delays and only a small number of cancellations.

This afternoon some customers will experience new patterns as part of their first train ride when they enter downtown stations through the fare gates and some of our customers will be transferring from train to bus for the fist time.

Customers are reminded to look for new signage at Tunney's Pasture Station directing them to bus stops and along the new expanded walkway on the bus platform. Customers in stations with fare paid zones should also board buses through all doors and do not need to slow down to tap their Presto card.

We have deployed additional Supervisors, Special Constables and OC Transpo staff in red vests throughout the network to direct and assist new customers as they adjust to the Confederation Line system.

Over the next few days, rail customers using the system for the first time will adjust like the now experienced users that started three weeks ago.

We are continuing to monitor the entire system closely and are ready to respond quickly to any issues which may arise.

We need to provide customers time to adjust to the service change and continue to support them through the adjustments. We should see continued positive momentum in the coming days.

I will provide Council and Members of the Transit Commission an update following the afternoon rush hour. The next and final written update to Council and Members of the Transit Commission will be issued on Friday, October 11, which will provide a summary of the entire week.

Thank you,

John Manconi

General Manager, Transportation Services Department

Memo: Network Service Change Operational Update - ...
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