MEMO: Rideau Transit Group Achieves Substantial Completion for the O-Train Confederation Line

Further to the memo issued Monday, July 22 to Members of Council and the Transit Commission indicating that the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) had submitted a notice for Substantial Completion, the purpose of this memorandum is to advise that both the City and the Independent Certifier are in agreement that RTG has met all the conditions associated with Substantial Completion.

This important milestone signifies that the O-Train Confederation Line project has advanced to the point where construction and testing is effectively complete. This applies to all fixed components (stations, rail, etc.) and vehicles, and means that there is no restriction on the City's public use of the system.

Now that Substantial Completion has been confirmed by the Independent Certifier, RTG plans to begin Trial Running the week of July 29.

As a reminder, the objective of this important next step is to complete 12 consecutive days of regularly scheduled service and to confirm system readiness for passenger service by exercising the Confederation Line system at full functionality.

On occasions during Trial Running, the public may not see trains running on the Confederation Line. This is normal as there are many different systems being tested at different times throughout this period.

Source : City of Ottawa

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