O-Train Line 1 - Update : February 14, 2020

This morning during peak period service, as a result of debris on the track between Tunney's Pasture and Bayview Stations, damage was caused to 4 transponders. As trains pass over the transponders, the location of the trains is communicated to the control centre. When a loss of communication occurs, trains stop and must be given authorization from the control centre to proceed. The safety systems functioned as designed and as trains experienced this loss of communication (train position location not communicated to the control centre), the trains came to a stop. Furthermore, flats spots on the wheels of 4 trains which experienced the loss of communication and braking had to be removed from service. Service was able to continue along the entire line however at a reduced speed between Tunney's Pasture and Bayview Stations.

RTG is undertaking immediate repairs to correct this issue prior to the PM peak period and a modified service plan has been temporarily implemented. During this time service will continue over the entire line, and customers travelling between Tunney's Pasture and Lyon Stations may experience longer wait times and an additional train transfer.

As a result, RTG has advised that this afternoon there will be 10 trains available for peak period service. Further updates will be provided.


John Manconi

General Manager, Transportation Services Department

​Source : City of Ottawa

(2:16pm) Here is the update for this afternoon's service:

  • Repairs to the transponders have been completed and full Service on both trains has been restored Tunney's to Blair
  • RTM has confirmed they will be providing 10 trains for this afternoon`s commute
  • To supplement the reduced Rail Fleet we will be deploying our 20 R1 buses running the supplemental service and adding 10 additional buses which will be pulled from high frequency routes.
  • The bus plan is based on lower usual Friday ridership, a PD day for students and a Friday before the long weekend
  • The transponder damage was on the west-bound track
  • The debris issue and the cause of the damage to the transponders is being investigated
  • Messaging on all channels is going out to our customers

(4:15pm) We have 8 trains in operation one train had to be pulled no ETA yet on when we get to 9 or 10 trains.

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