O-Train Line 1 - Update : February 4, 2020

RTG has confirmed that they will be providing 13 trains for this afternoon's commute.

S1 Supplemental Bus Service

As you know, we have been providing S1 supplemental bus service due to a shortage of trains delivered by RTG last week for service on O-Train Line 1. The S1 bus service is provided by two groups of buses:

  • The 20 buses dedicated to R1 service; and
  • Additional buses pulled from regular, high frequency routes.

Now that RTG is delivering enough trains to accommodate customer volumes, we are able to return the additional buses to their regular routes. This will increase the reliability of the bus transit network throughout the city.

Starting on Wednesday morning, S1 service will be provided from Tunney's Pasture, Blair and Hurdman Stations to downtown, using the 20 dedicated buses.

As rail service continues to stabilize, we will monitor and assess the need for S1 supplemental bus service. We will ensure that Councillors, Commissioners and customers are given ample notice of any further changes to S1 service.

The adjustments to S1 service will be communicated to customers through all channels.

Customers can visit or follow @OC_Transpo for more information and updates on service.

​Source : City of Ottawa

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Thursday, February 27, 2020