Transit Commission receives information on LRT Operational Readiness and Electric Buses

The Transit Commission received the following presentation on June 19, 2019.

The following is the accompanying news release:

The Transit Commission received a report regarding Customer Service Operational Readiness for the launch of O-Train Line 1, as well as a presentation on electric buses for OC Transpo's bus fleet.

The opening of O-Train Line 1, the Confederation Line, will mark a historic transformation in the way transit service is delivered in Ottawa. The opening of Line 1 will require major changes to the bus route network, which will represent the largest service change ever for OC Transpo customers. OC Transpo staff are committed to ensuring that the customers are supported, prepared, comfortable and knowledgeable about the changes and the transition period in order to provide a positive end-to-end customer experience starting on day one. The presentation outlined the many activities, customer communications, and changes carried out by OC Transpo to be ready for light rail operations, including service changes to the bus network and at LRT stations.

In response to a motion from the Mayor at Council on June 12, 2019, staff presented a plan to introduce electric buses to the OC Transpo fleet. The Transit Commission gave direction to staff that the electric buses and required charging infrastructure be acquired through a tendering process to a maximum of $6 million.

Here are some key important points from the presentation:

  • Minor changes before Confederation Line opens include the opening of the new Line 2 platform at Bayview Station, the complete reopening of the pedestrian walkway from Telsat to the Gloucester Centre and the relocation of bus routes at Hurdman and Tunney's Pasture.
  • Once the Confederation Line opens, a parallel bus service (current bus service) will be maintained for 3 weeks to help passengers transition to the new O-Train line.
  • The new bus route changes (affecting approximately 100 routes) will take place on the day immediately following the three weeks parallel service.

Confederation Line LRT Operational Readiness and Ready for Rail presentation

 Electric Buses presentation

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