Snapshot of Hurdman and Tremblay Stations - November 4, 2018

Hurdman Station

Panoramic view of the expansive Hurdman Station.
Looking left towards the bus loop.
To the middle towards the main entrance and the multi-use pathway.
And to the right towards the new Paratranspo stop and car drop off zone.
This area is a new feature to Hurdman station, allowing cars to enter for drop off and pickup.
The main station entrance to the left, and the multi-use pathway straight ahead.
The stairs, escalators and elevators of Hurdman Station.
One of the towering elevators.
The concourse of the station, from which the bus loop can be accessed towards the left.
Stairs connecting to the eastbound train platform.
Another view of one of the elevators.
Looking up towards the train platforms from the bus loop.
One of the bus loop shelters and a yellow emergency intercom.
Looking up towards the Confederation Line guideway, track and overhead cantenary.
The guideway heading towards the next station, Lees.
One final view of the station and the bus loop.

Tremblay Station 

Tremblay Station, just next to the VIA Rail sign.
The main entrance and the fare gates.
Two of the elevators towards the eastbound platforms.
Looking down towards the tracks.
And the platforms.
The tracks and guideway towards St. Laurent station.
And back towards Tremblay station.
The Tremblay Station O-Train marker.

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