Snapshot of uOttawa and Lees Stations - November 4, 2018

uOttawa Station

The entrance stairs and multi-use pathway ramp to uOttawa Station and down to the tunnel linking to the Rideau Canal.
The soon to be iconic O-Train station marker is in place.
The tunnel crossing towards the Canal and the main entrance to the station.
The fare gates, after which heading left will guide you to the westbound platforms, and right to the eastbound.
Signage explaining the fare paid zone and proof of payment requirements. To the right is one of the elevators to reach the the eastbound platforms.
The O-Train station marker positioned just outside the station, adjacent to the Rideau Canal pathways and Colonel By Drive.
The tunnel.
The secondary entrance to uOttawa Station, directly serving the westbound platforms.
The elevators covered by the mesh wrap.
Looking down along the westbound platforms.
The sweeping lines of the station's roof. The integrated lighting strips accentuate the design when viewed at night.

Lees Station 

The entrance to Lees Station, along Lees Avenue. Notice the completed Station name lantern that will glow at night.
Looking down towards the station from the Lees Avenue overpass. The station entrance is placed by the top left of the image.
The main entrance to the station.
And the ticket and fare vending machines.
Behind the security gate are the fare gates, controlling access to the station.
Once passing through the gates, you will descend by the stairs or elevators to platform level.
The glass overhead canopies feature blue artwork.
The platforms of Lees Station. Notice the multi-use pathway located behind the far platform's glass wall.
Lees Station marker.
The tracks leading from Lees Station towards Hurdman (to the left).
Next Station, Hurdman. Prochaine station, Hurdman.

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