O-Train Line 1 - Update : February 7, 2020

Here is the update to this morning's rail service:

  • RTG launched all 13 vehicles. Vehicles are launched in two waves – 7 in wave one and 6 in wave two
  • The first 7 were on schedule however they experienced a power outage in the yard which caused a delay to the final 8 as the vehicles have to follow a resetting process for the CBTC system once power is restored. Power was restored quickly in the yard and vehicles were deployed
  • No major issues during the morning rush hour and the delayed launched resulted in train headways of 5-6 minutes.
  • No overloads
  • Once all 13 trains were on the line at 7:50 headways were running at 4 mins
  • After rush hour we experienced a switch issue at Blair – trains continued in full service but as per safety protocols trains were held at various locations as we funneled trains into the Blair station
  • Switch was addressed quickly by on site technician as per procedures
  • R1 service was not required service ran through the entire rush hour period
  • Full service on the line

John Manconi

General Manager, Transportation Services Department

​Source : City of Ottawa

​(2:30pm) We have a train issue that we are dealing with and a switch issue. R1 service has been activated 

(3:42pm) Blair switch issue is fixed trains will be cleared to move in east end. For customers that's one less transfer. Rideau station train is being removed should move out shortly.

(4:29pm) As noted earlier today, this morning we experienced a few issues that caused some minor delays. Following that incident, we had a disturbed switch east of Tremblay Station. Delays were minor.

Outside of peak period, disturbed switches occurred to the east of Tremblay Station and to the west of Blair Station, which have been restored to service. As well, trains were stopped at Hurdman and Rideau stations due to tripped circuit breakers. Both trains have been removed from the line and full service has been restored.

During this period, service was provided using a mix of train and R1 replacement buses.

We are currently running full service with 13 trains.

These incidents will all be reviewed by JBA and RTM as part of their ongoing work.

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