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Mooney's Bay

Station Layout Map (Source: OC Transpo)

Mooney's Bay Station (originally named Confederation Station) is one of the 5 original O-Train stations in Ottawa. Opened on October 15, 2001 with the initial network, this station is located in the Confederation Heights area of Ottawa.

This station primarily serves government offices, Canada Post's headquarters, Brookfield High School, among other destinations a short walking distance away, such as Hog's Back Park and Vincent Massey Park.

Mooney's Bay Station is accessible just below street level by paved ramps off of Heron Road by the Airport Parkway.

The station's layout is among the simplest on the O-Train network. From street level, a simple path with stairs and ramp provide access to the ticket and fare kiosk, which exit to a short path connecting to the platform. 

This station was modified in 2017 to accomodate the fare gates and kiosk installations. A new pathway to access the station was created, that bypassed the existing recreational pathway that runs adjacent to the station.

As there is only one platform to board trains in either direction, attention must be paid to the train's destination sign or the direction of travel of the arriving train, Bayview for trains heading left and Greenboro for trains heading right.

There isn't any art on display at this station however due to its position and location, it is mostly surrounded by lots of green grass and bush, making for a calm and relaxing place to wait for the next train's arrival.

Entrance of the fare gate kiosk
Fare gates
The path from the fare gate kiosk leading to the platform
Platform with the fare gate kiosk in the background
Platform, looking in the direction of Greenboro. The yellow platform extenders can be flipped up and out of the way as the track is occasionally used for freight.
And the direction of Bayview

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